Thursday, 5 June 2014

30 Days to a Better Man - Day 5

Cultivate your Gratitude


I'm grateful for the bright largely cosmetic and gentle breeze that covered my face on my way home this evening.

Grateful for the nice dinner I had.

Grateful for the resources to prepare said dinner.

Grateful for my bed that can't wait to have me shortly.

Grateful for family.

Grateful for ability to work and the possession of a fully functional brain.

Grateful for the ability to dance 

Grateful for the love and grace that fills my heart.

Grateful for the ability to help people in my own little way.

Grateful for life.

I usually say "thank you" so made a not to say one "concious" one, wasn't quite easy because it's for something that was done mostly in the past. Felt good afterwards too.

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