Tuesday, 3 June 2014

30 Days to a Better Man - Day 3

Find a Mentor


So, Mentors !

I've got a couple and today's task just has me wondering how to go back to them and say, "so what are we?" or "do you really love me?" or "let's make this official" ..LOLL see where I'm going ?

I've got these Men who I'm comfortable with to a large extent and who I share stuff with depending on the issue dancing around in my head, I see their results and they are very open with me so I trust their judgement and admonition. I won't call or mail or text them today, but I'll make an appointment to see one of them and attempt to ask him "So where do you see this going?"

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TheRustGeek said...

Smart... I also found out i've got a couple such in my life without having a formal 'relationship' of that sort...