Sunday, 1 June 2014

30 Days to a Better Man - Day 1

Define your core values 


This sums me up; every other thing is based on this. And it's all for change in the right direction. #positivegrowth. wonders if growth can be negative..

In terms of improvement, I believe dedication needs some work, I might not be less-dedicated in my heart, but my actions are not the most dedicated, I think. So, here's to Change.


Anonymous said...

*cleans cobwebs*

Seems loads of core values be similar in many men.

Indeed here's to change.

'Lara said...

This is similar to mine also.

theOOhj said...

Totally loving your thematic spin on the challenge...Food for thought for me here- God and people at the core...

olusimeon said...

@ singlenigerian , thanks for helping with the cobwebs :-) change!

@'Lara . heading over now!

@ theOOhj, thanks kind's not easy though, with everyone being uniquely weird, including myself :-)