Thursday, 11 August 2011

trapped in the kitchen

tittle sounds interesting right? well, the other title I considered was "God refused to answer me", how does that sound ?
Any-ways I'll let you decide on the title you prefer after reading, not like it's anything important though.

Okay, so this lovely Sunday evening, after procrastinating on getting up to make dinner like I always do, I finally got up and entered the place - kitchen. Once I was done with the first part of my cooking, I decided to take a break and come do the periodic checks, you know. Then I got to the door that had been acting up for a while. It's one that you have to pull towards yourself to open it, and sometimes it gets stuck somewhat, requiring more force as you pull. So I did the needful, pulled harder, and that's when the handle came off - I was trapped !
Someone had to help me push it form the other side, and I think I was the only one at home, I wanted to go back to my laptop to continue whatever I was doing, but It wasn't the end of the world. :-)
So what do we do when In a tight spot, we pray. "We gotta pray just to make it today" remember that song?

So I prayed - that someone should need to come to the kitchen, and mixed it with faith for good measure.
And then I waited, and waited and waited a bit more, my food finished cooking I served it, ate and no one came  and then I waited again - God refused to answer me. My prayer wasn't a pointless one mind you, he's answered few like those before :-)
I think it was about 3 hours later, I decided to do something, so I got a fork drove it between the door and the frame, and somehow depressed the lock so the door could open, and it took all of 40 seconds, and I had been there for 3 hours !
I was a bit happy and immediately started thinking, hmm, so I could handle this myself all the while, and I sat there praying pointlessly. smh.. I could hear the message loud and clear "God won't step In, when you are supposed to act." And of-course the lesson became more valuable when the door locked on me a few more times, I knew what to do straight away, If someone had come to help me the first time, I wouldn't have known I could handle it.

This might sound a very trivial scenario to you, but then lesson I learnt is not as lame as my story. Of-course the lesson is not terribly deep to the wisdom of Solomon proportions, but I do know, It's a very important one for anyone who will make good use of their time and life. I paid for that lesson with 2.5 whole hours (deducting time spent eating) out of the 24 for that day.

There's also other times when you actually need to wait for God's intervention.

God help us all.


Madame Sting said...

Wow...this is deep. Such a great message. One that i have heard before but in a different way. My brother has complained in the past of christians who pray for everything instead of doing stuff themselves, but he was making a different point. Anyway, i enjoyed this post :)

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Really good analogy
Sometimes I believe we (Christians) pray so hard that we forget to listen.
God gave most of us the power of rational thought - if we learn to be still, more often than not, a message will come to us

Dee! said...

I like this phrase - "God won't step in, when you are supposed to act."

Faith without work is dead! At times we wait too long for an "answer" that we do not need in the first place.

Thanks for sharing... Stay blessed!

T.Notes said...

Hmmm,true true. And the analogy resonates with easy to see depth.

Myne Whitman said...

What a thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing.

Gospel Girl said...

Such an insightful yet very amusing post... he he he I loved it, I can picture you in the kitchen with your hand on your cheek
So u were in the kitchen, mate does that mean you cook? God of wonders oooo

Naija American Girl said...

Hehe... Good one. It's amazing the lessons God teaches us using the simplest things.

oluSimeon said...

Thanks Madame Sting. good to see you around here ;-)
Wisdom is key in every situation.

Yes NiL, the whole praying part becomes somewhat pointless, if we don't listen for direction.

Thank you Dee, faith without works is baseless - key principle.

Thank you Myne, You are welcome.

Yes, GG it was an "interesting" experience while is lasted. I wouldn't shy away from a "cook-off" with you. you game ? lol

True Naija American Girl, the parables of Jesus were ridiculously simple at-times.

oluSimeon said...

Imagine! How did I skip Uncle T.Notes ? Thanks bruv.


I enjoyed reading and I learned as well.. Indeed, "God won't step In, when you are supposed to act."


David C Brown said...

It has been said - God helps those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh waoh! Good one. Thanks for blessing me with this story/lesson.

Stay lifted.

oluSimeon said...

True talk LDP, thanks bruv

David C Brown, your comment actually made laugh.

You are welcome justdoyin. Thank youoo.

Gospel Girl said...

You don't know who u're challenging here....Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay aint got jack on
The "cook off" is on bro, BRING IT lol :D

Eddy Itiat said...

woow..........nice experience. thank GOD u understood his silence. GOD SPEAKS to us in different ways even in his silence

Coy~Introvert said...

This got me thinking. hmmm
Nice post. First time on your blog

Honeywell said...

deep... its funny (after not during the experience lol) how God teaches us things...

Geebee said...

Thanks for the inspiration, bro. Simple story yet the impact cuts deep into the heart. Many at times, we pray pointlessly and God simply smiles wondering why we are still praying when He's already answered. We need to lift up our eyes and behold the solution God has placed right in front of us.
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dosh said...

Bros! You can like to write another post o, she kosi?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's good to know that you are alright. Things like this happens all the time. People should be at their composure and stay focused when facing situation like this.

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1 + The One said...

Nice analogy! (First time here!)
God sometimes allows us to go through stuff to give us the experience to be 'pros' at it when next it challenges us.
He loves to empower us rather spoon-feed us.
Thanks for sharing! xx

Toinlicious said...

First time here too. Simple yet deep. How does 1 go about smoking you outa hiding though?

Toye olutola said...

Very thought provoking