Tuesday, 23 November 2010

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hello everyone...

hope you are all doing good and standing up to the challenges ... ask the Lord for strength always.. he always delivers..

I was having a chat with one of my flat mates, and I was real sad for him.. I won't call him a close friend, we do have the regular banter here and there, that's all basically, so I was somewhat surprised when he just started saying why he'll never believe any pastor, and how if anyone invited him to church, he could go as far as slapping the fellow. The anger stems form the fact that his Dad was ill and the "pastor" of the place the worshipped kept saying "i am the Lord ..bla bla bla.. i have healed you ...bla bla.." he was still a kid then, but I guess the adults in the family were not wise enough to seek proper help for medical practitioners, so his Dad passed.
It's a pain I can imagine will never go away, because he will always think to himself, it could have been averted.
then he went on to say how his Dad gave money and property to the ministry then.
 I wasn't at a loss for words, I thought I just had to say what's important for him at this stage.
I couldn't start questioning why they didn't seek medical help. #toolate
I basically just reminded him that, the reason why the call something fake is because there is a real, so I told him to not let his experience stop him from seeking God, not so "in-your-face", because, where he's at now, he'll need to heal before understanding.
 I really felt bad for him, and I'm just thinking that day might have been the anniversary or something.
 While I was thinking, I just couldn't help but think that Gods mercy is truly beyond what we can fathom.
A lot of people take His name for granted, and use His name to scam other people and yet He allows people time to make amends.
We regular people who don't claim to be sent by God, do "funny things" over and over, and yet He allows us time to change.
I always think to myself that as a Dad, how many times will I correct my child over a mis-deed before losing it.
 His steadfast love doesn't end.
 His mercies never come to an end.
 They are new every morning.

afterthought: If I had mercy on an offender today and beat the living day-light out of him the next time he offends me.. I'm not sure anyone will remember me as merciful. :)
Of-course we know time will run out one day and all that, but I think by then, everyone would have had 1000 chances to change.
share your thoughts..


NakedSha said...

It cripples me to hear these stories. I'm sorry for your mate. It hurts that he has to go through such hurts.

But what you said spoke to me:

'the reason something/one is called a fake is because there is a real'.



Absolutely, God is a merciful God. Albeit, I think the explanation of the situation might have been as a result of the hurt the guy has to have said the pastor said, "thus saith the Lord". Maybe he never did and only confessed with faith tht God will heal the man. Of course, he is not God.

My candid thoughts :)


LG said...


Dee! said...

Hmmmm! While I can appreciate his pains, I think it is rather unfortunate that this guy feels the way he feels...

God is REAL!

2cute4u said...

It's really sda when situatios like this cause normal people who are expected to give God their all shy away from such communication..
But since I'm an optimist, I somehow believe that God has a purpose for your friend's life and it would soon manifest..
These fake 'men of God'!
It's only God that sees them and deals with them in his own way..
How are you?
Not seen you in a while..
Glad you're back..

NoLimit said...

All I can say is...God is merciful...He doesn't give us the punishment we deserve...yet He gives us the blessings we do not deserve!
All the scammers will pay...slowly but surely!

Anonymous said...

God dey

Seshe James said...

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Anonymous said...

I thank God for the wisdom with which you handled the situation...you didn't dwell on what should have been done, or try to give the guy a sermon on the spot...you simply pointed him in what I believe is the right direction...to seek the REAL God, and not allow his past experience(s) hamper his search.

God bless you, and may I find such wisdom in similar circumstances.

oluSimeon said...

thanks NakedSha..its even "sadder" when you think of other stories along these lines, that are out there..

appreciate the thoughts LDP ..

LG.. yes.. its sad.

true Dee ,Hi is as real as can be ..

yes 2cute , this part could be part of a beautiful story, we don't all understand yet..
thanks a lot.. :)

NoLimit.. i'm a beneficiary of His mercies too.. you just wonder why some people think they can use the name of God.. anyhow they wish..

Yes o , jobfornaija..

Thanks Seshe James :)will be over there soon.

thanks so much, justdoyin.. Amen.
God bless you too..

jhazmyn said...

Stuff like this makes me wonder really, some days it annoys me, but when i look at it in the light of my own mess ups, I guess I can only say Thank God for His mercies.

Sure hope ur roomie gets over it and sees God for who He really is

Rita said...

For there to be a fake means there is a "Real". God knows how best to touch people and hopefully he will one day come to the understanding of how merciful and loving God is.

oluSimeon said...

jhazmyn,...you thoughts are the exact way mine went before i put this post up..I'm hoping too...

Exactly Rita, I pray God works in him.

Gospel Girl said...

A lot of peeps that have been hurt usually find it hard to reach out to God bcoz unfortunately they feel that He is to blame for their suffering.
All we can do is pray for them that God will help them to see Him and His goodness even in the midst of their pain and uncertainty.
I just hope that He will know the truth someday.
Thank God for his mercy...

m1ke said...

Thanks for this post. The message is deep in my mind. I appreciate this. Cheers and merry xmas

oluSimeon said...

yes GG, we hope and pray. the heart of Kings is in His control.

hellooo m1ke , thank God you found it edifying.
Merry Christmas to you too..

Dee! said...

Knock! Knock!

I have just tagged you as a recipient for two awards. Visit my blog for details.

RemiRoy said...

Sad one here.
Thanks for the message.


BSNC said...

hey happy new year. how have thou been?

oluSimeon said...

Thank you Dee :)

Hi there RemiRoy

Hii BSNC.. been good :) how are you?

chinnyugoji said...

Good counsel to your friend. The part I liked most - 'I couldn't start questioning why they didn't seek medical help. #too late'. That's wisdom. When someone is already hurt, no need to rub it in. I'm sure that kept communication lines open btw the 2 of u.

oluSimeon said...

thanks Chinny, i pray the holy spirit does the rest of the work in his heart..

Ms.Understood said...

Two things:

1.the reason why the call something fake is because there is a real...

2.I couldn't start questioning why they didn't seek medical help. #too late


I found my way here somehow, and I'm glad I snooped around a bit tonite, twas worth it :)

H said...

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