Monday, 30 August 2010

what can i say...

i like to think to myself that i'm not so strong-willed.. but all evidences have pointed to the opposite.

i like to think to myself that my story has not been so dramatic to earn me any "drama king" nominations .. and i am right, a nomination will be very far-fetched..

its interesting cos i see myself changing, right before my own eyes..

it's interesting to know that it entirely up to me, what kind of man i am/become..

as much as i have my own free will i know i need to submit to my makers will..

that's the only way i can become the best man He made me to be..

a lot of times this wave hits me.. like.. you are not just another experiment..
not the "hey, go on son, lets see what you make out of life" experiment..
it tugs on my heart,, and i'm like what's next.. what's next .? #findingpurpose

i smile sometimes.. and at other times.. the showers take over.. 
maybe i put some un-needed pressure on my self.. but hey, last i checked, constitutions allowed that..

however it goes, i know the story will be nothing short of beautiful

i'll let love guide my heart..
i'll let wisdom order my steps..
and i won't stop believing..

i think this is a #random,  

peace n love..