Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ten things i like + 1

Shout out to reverence who tagged me unto this..

1. I like food. Simple as that.

2. I like music…I enjoy different forms of it at different times.

3. I like soccer,, playing and watching ..but it’s been a while I played.. but I guess once a player ..always a player comes in handy here..

I can’t believe I’m finding it hard to find 10 things I like.

4. I like travelling ..not the journey itself…but the destination part..

5. I like photography really really well, working on my skills in that aspect.

6. I like laughing..haven’t been doing a lot of that recently though.

7. I like putting a smile on people’s faces...

8. I like hair..and the fact that my hair is thinning is not particularly putting a smile on my face..no worries sha..

9. I like simple things..the simple things in life like the smile of a child.., tears of joy.

10. I like gadgets..annoying how there’s just few months in between every improved device and the next improved one..

Can I add one more..?

11. I like shoes..not necessarily guy shoes ;)

So there you have it..I hope you found my list interesting…. I’ll tag remi, telekynesis , rinsola and nolimit ..

thanks bloggers for everything you’ve been good people and i must say i appreciate you all.

Remain blessed .


Myne Whitman said...

I liked the last one the best, funny too, lol. Well, your list sure put a smile on my face. Have a nice month and take care of that hair, :)

Sting said...

I appreciate u too!!! You r good people.

Jaycee said...

You like laughing and putting smiles on faces of others...you must be cool to hang around with then. Nice!

NoLimit said...

Hmmm so you like shoes...interesting!
And find a way to laugh more!!!:)
And thanks for tagging me...smh

Dee! said...

It's good you like laughing and putting smiles on faces. Very good!

You are also appreciated! Stay blessed!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Hey Simeon, just saw this... okay so I have to put up a post of 10 things right.. (thinking.. lol)

I loooooovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoes (was that obvious enough? lol) and yes gadget.... ah so true every 3 months an upgrade is available.. grrrrr.
How are you doing bros? I hope the hair going is not from the books oh????? x

simeone said...

myne..its really nice to know the list makes you smile...

sting..should i believe you //? :) ok. i do ..

jaycee..hmm.. to hang out with shey..? :) i'll ask those i hang out with.. thanks still..

nolimit...you are welcome ..and i'll be doing more laughing by Gods grace..

thank you so much dee,,

remi..i hope to see the full post on your blog soon .. :)..
didnt get what you said bout the books oo ..remain blessed..

Anoda Phase said...

awwww...very lovely list...keep putting those smiles on people's faces, and you'll find more reasons to laff soon...

Beulah! said...

I like travelling too...not the journey but the destination...u r like me...

What do u mean by u like hair?...u be woman?...lol..joking

Anonymous said...
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Afronuts said...

11 expos about simeone!

How come you like most of the things I like? grrr

simeone said...

@ anoda phase... thank you so much sis..

beulah.. as you don already know.. i no be woman o.. i wosh i could explain the love too.. so is travelling the only thing we have in common ? :)

uncle Afro.. so this my expo looks like yours too.. ?