Monday, 31 May 2010

bestest rhyme i ever heard…

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

2 (we’ll pray and walk right.)

When individuals accept Jesus as their Lord. Then Gods will will be carried out in their lives ( i know we have some unpleasant experiences, we’ll talk about that in some other post :-) ) But if God was running things and pushing His will of on people, since He doesn’t wish that any should perish, He would make everybody get saved today and we would go into the Millennium tomorrow.

As I examined God’s word for the “why” behind John Wesley’s statement, I saw a truth I had never seen before.

But it’s all in the book of beginnings – Genesis. Maybe we have read so many times we don’t pay attention to the details.

I saw that God made the world and the fullness thereof. He made His man, Adam.

Then He said “Adam, I give you dominion over all the work of My hands.” ( Genesis 1:26,27 ; Psalm 8:6 )

God didn’t say “ I am going to dominate through you.”

He said, “I give you dominion over all the work of My hands.”

Therefore Adam had dominion upon this earth and in this world. He was to some extent, god of this world.

But Satan came and lied to Adam. Adam committed high treason and sold out to Satan. Then Satan took over Adams position.

2 Corinthians 4:4 calls Satan “the god of this world.”

As such he has dominion. Where? In this world. And he will have the dominion until Adam’s lease runs out.

God cannot justly move in and take away that dominion from the devil. The devil has legal right because he has Adams lease. And God will only intervene in situations He is invited into.

On bad things happening to good people..we never see peoples hearts. So sometimes people are not as good as we see. God looks at the heart , the heart , the heart, he sees what people can’t see. Sometimes these things happen because God actually wants to draw people closer to Him( more in the next post).

Also, sometimes we are quick to call experiences bad, when the story is not over. Remember the dude that was born blind ? (John chapter 9)That’s looks like capital b –a –d, right. But Jesus said, it was that God glory might be seen. The bible says everything will work out for our good as God’s own, so when somethings happen we should note that, that’s just a thing or maybe even two things..maybe three.. but at the end allll things..will be for our good.

I don’t think I know it all..,and only God knows the answer to all the whys ? But if we’ll just do our part and live by His word..we’ll be cool.

Some parts were taken from the art of prayer – Kenneth E. Hagin.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

why pray ..?

I began to examine the bible to find out why, if god wants to do something for humanity. He cannot except somebody asks him. I found the answer through the study of God’s word.

You see, though some people have built up “spiritual air castles” that God is running everything in this world, He is not.

During the Vietnam war a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist began one column by stating that he was not a Christian. He said he was not an atheist because the atheist says there is no God.

“I suppose you would classify me as agnostic.” he wrote. “The agnostic says there maybe a God, but if there is, I don’t know it.

Actually, I am prone to believe there is a supreme Being. I do not believe that everything here just happened. I believe there is a creator somewhere.

“But I have never read the Bible. i do not attend church. One reason I don’t is that what the Christians say about God doesn’t agree with what I think a Creator should be, nor with with what I can see of Him in nature.

Even the ministers say . ‘God has everything under control. He’s running everything.’

“Well, if He is, He sure has things in a mess. People are killing each other. Little children are dying. Little children are hungry. Women are suffering. There are wars everywhere.

If God has everything under control, do you mean God is running those wars?”

Even an unregenerate columnist knew that wasn’t right.

God is not ruling this world. He is not ruling on the earth.

Thank God, He will one day !

But right now His will is not being carried out on the earth, except in the lives of those who surrender to Him.

That is easy to see if you will accept what the Bible says. The Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish  but that all should come to repentance ( 2 Peter 3:9. It is obvious that His will concerning the salvation of all men is not being carried out.

……. to be continued

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ten things i like + 1

Shout out to reverence who tagged me unto this..

1. I like food. Simple as that.

2. I like music…I enjoy different forms of it at different times.

3. I like soccer,, playing and watching ..but it’s been a while I played.. but I guess once a player ..always a player comes in handy here..

I can’t believe I’m finding it hard to find 10 things I like.

4. I like travelling ..not the journey itself…but the destination part..

5. I like photography really really well, working on my skills in that aspect.

6. I like laughing..haven’t been doing a lot of that recently though.

7. I like putting a smile on people’s faces...

8. I like hair..and the fact that my hair is thinning is not particularly putting a smile on my worries sha..

9. I like simple things..the simple things in life like the smile of a child.., tears of joy.

10. I like gadgets..annoying how there’s just few months in between every improved device and the next improved one..

Can I add one more..?

11. I like shoes..not necessarily guy shoes ;)

So there you have it..I hope you found my list interesting…. I’ll tag remi, telekynesis , rinsola and nolimit ..

thanks bloggers for everything you’ve been good people and i must say i appreciate you all.

Remain blessed .