Wednesday, 24 March 2010

“application questions”

o.k have we been..? I’m thankful to God that I can think with my brain..that I sld write a post..that I can actually put this thing on my laps and start typing while reading what I’m typing..

ok. The issue of application questions just some little something in my head..digression..i’m smiling…love is a beautiful thing…and as much as I’ll want to point the finger at someone..theres no one to accuse yet..the ..concept of love is what I’m smiling at.. or lemme just point the finger at God ..he started this love ish..

o.k soo.. I’ve been in school now for a feels good.i tell you..its not all fun but I think I’m enjoying it..i have become a lil lazy to school runz..the undergrad not something you can buy..i tell you..and part of my laziness is the unlikeness for definitions..define this and many will I know..and I have discovered what I can call my strength which I call application problems..maybe there’s a more technical term for it..but this just refers to applying our concept/ theory/ method to any given problem at all..and getting it sorted out..i mean no matter how headless and mumbled up the problem seems..i can apply what I have been taught to it and get a reasonable looking solution ..

o.k well so I was thinking as well of how my bible being the text book and the holy spirit being my the issues are life’s looks interesting when with my undergrad zeal..i can read the bible and go to class church..and memorize verses and do all that… but doing all the do-able stress and not being able to apply the lessons when the need arises is pointless , to me..i have fumbled a lot at applying what I learn and memorize..but I have not been on a spot..but then..these application questions life presents to us can be really something sometimes..not making up an excuse at all..but if there’s someone reading this,..and you’ve been tempted to think..maybe the bible doesn’t really apply to the real world.. just want you to know..that… that thought an application question…

Hebews 10:23 says

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” thing I’m constantly “scared” of is not doing what I know or looking for a short cut when I encounter some situations…

The application lifestyle is one that strives to apply every memorized verse of the bible..when the need that prays and lets go of all doubts..and that loves with the same kind of love God loves us with…..if we don’t apply all we learn and hear…every other thing we do..are just going to be religious activity..this,I am also always wary of. God has given us his word and holy spirit to help us find our way through life by finding his will for us and walking in it...

Take a look at James 1:22

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”

Ask the holy spirit to lead you always…(and you must always follow his leading),tell him its God’s will you want to do when you are in “interesting” Him and you can’t be disappointed.