Thursday, 7 January 2010

i jus wanna testify..

yes father.. i just want to thank-you for the many blessings you give me..

i pause to try and find the exact words that will convey the gratitude in my heart..

for your guidiance..even when i didnt follow sometimes.

for are faithful is all i can are good..

for protection..i cant remember all the places i’ve been, you’ve kept me still..

i cant remember how many times i have slept..all i know is i wake up healthy and sane ..

for my you’ve continued to relate with everyone based on your loving kindness and tender mercies..

for real have surrounded me with..lord i thank you for these relaionships

for victory that i always experience..its cos of your one victory over the devil…

you continue to fight my battles ..countless number of times..

lord.. you have been mighty gracious to me..

i just want to say lord thank you , i’m grateful.. na dupe ..imela.,merci

thank you lord..

rejoice somebody


Dee! said...

Yes O! Halleluya!

Words can not convey the gratitude I have to Baba God! However, I keep saying "Thank You LORD!" as often as I can.

Happy New Year Simeone!

Jaycee said...

It feels great to testify!!! Happy new year Simeone...(I like the statement about "real people") :)

Myne Whitman said...

Happy new year to you and I join you in thanksgiving. God is a testimony father.

My world said...

Yea,we shld rejoice!

Geebee said...

i try hard but can never seem to thank God enough . . . not that anyone can anyway. His faithfulness is beyond human comprehension. Bros . . . Been a while o. Happy new year!

Writefreak said...

Our God is indeed good.

Happy new year!

Debbie said...

What can I say, but thanks to the one who has kept us and brought us thus far

Thank you Lord and father.

Favoured Girl said...

We can never thank our Heavenly Father enough, the reasons to be grateful just keep coming.
Happy New Year!

Enkay said...

Happy new year Simeon!

May our thanksgiving never end!!

Rita said...

Happy New Year and longest time.

Yes oh, there is always some thing to testify about. May 2010 give you abundant testimonies.

David C Brown said...

How gracious of our great God to make Himself known as Father!

Anonymous said...

halleluya! all thanks be to God...

happy new year Simeon

Anonymous said...


simeone said...

...thank you very plenty everyone.. and happy new year to us all .. :)
it is a fruitful and blessed year .
lets all do our parts..
remain blessed..

prashant said...

It feels great to testify!
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