Tuesday, 26 January 2010

love love this..


how are we all doing…? just wanted to share.. just spare approx 6 mins of your time to love on God.

january seems to be on some kinda fast-forward ..but all is well.

one word ..or maybe two stay connected. not to me oh.. lol.. to God..

Thursday, 7 January 2010

i jus wanna testify..

yes father.. i just want to thank-you for the many blessings you give me..

i pause to try and find the exact words that will convey the gratitude in my heart..

for your guidiance..even when i didnt follow sometimes.

for provision..you are faithful is all i can mutter..you are good..

for protection..i cant remember all the places i’ve been, you’ve kept me still..

i cant remember how many times i have slept..all i know is i wake up healthy and sane ..

for my family..how you’ve continued to relate with everyone based on your loving kindness and tender mercies..

for real people..you have surrounded me with..lord i thank you for these relaionships

for victory that i always experience..its cos of your one victory over the devil…

you continue to fight my battles ..countless number of times..

lord.. you have been mighty gracious to me..

i just want to say lord thank you , i’m grateful.. na gode..mo dupe ..imela.,merci

thank you lord..

rejoice somebody