Thursday, 10 September 2009

mandatory lip job

If its not written ..then its not real…imagine the top guy in the corporation ..saying..if you can get this and that done by the middle of this year’ll are getting a 35% pay rise…..if it wasn’t put down with attesting signatories..then if you do your part and time comes for him to do his/hers and CEO reneges, you know there’s nothing you can do, it’s a dead even though, it might not be a the case 100% of the time, the written word is reliable, and it gives us an assurance

so my lip job thingie…was a mandatory one.. i noticed something like a pimple below my lower lip, the little point you cant see if I’m standing directly in front of you..o.k so it itched a lil and I scratched – i think ..and then by the next day it began to swell kinda..i knew it was a boil cos I had a number of them when I was little..but I was expecting the whole thing to swell outwards..not so, the funny thing decided it was goin to swell inwards..thats I got a swollen lower lip wasn’t funny o..its was bout 3 times the normal size..i was in a hotel at the time..working in another state so I just stayed indoors..kept doing sms back and forth with my uncle who is a doctor…cos I couldn’t talk well…so he told me what to use..walked out to a pharmacy bought it and stayed indoors for the next two between all these I was searching my heart..asking God whats up and declearing scriptures at the same time….(you don’t want to know all what went thru my mind..) lol…my lips..oh my lips..i now knew their worth more than ever… what if it doesn’t rupture, like he says it will, what if its not really a boil boil.. don’t worry, at worst you’ll go to Israel or india to get the lousy lump out…will ma lips ever look normal again… whole face might never be as fine..who did I offend, God..? ---all little whispers in ma head..

I wanted to see a all means. it was a first time to the I had to make sure I got a good one, made my contacts by sms mostly and ended up in-front of this female doc..she said it started as a pimple and maybe I irritated it and all that jazz …told her how I couldn’t laugh well and all that….she said it would go down, she said its good, that I’ll let the ladies rest,,I smiled and thot for a moment..why did she have to go there….but having my lovely lips back occupied all my thoughts…by the fourth day I peeled off a large scale of dead skin off my lower lip like a snake shedding its wareva ..then came the fresh one beneath..had to peel off another layer 2 days after that ( it was so ewwwy) …by now the size was about 60% of the abnormal size…i was happy..

Then it became really clear to me that..all I was looking for all along was just the assurance from someone believable..that all will be fine.. cos after i left the doc, i was more relaxed than i had the last couple of dayz

Its totally want to have that assurance from God or other humans..when we are doing stuff together..thats why even God when he called Abram ..said I swear, I will bless you (hebrews 6: 13- 20) , cos along the line it might look like I have abandoned you…and that was exactly what I felt between those 4 days..psalm 103:1 – 5, emphasis on 3,4 was one of the scriptures I continually meditated on…

..many times, we just want ti hear God say, “I swear you’ll be fine”…theres nothing like that assurance from someone..for those of us who are married you know what that assurance can make you feel like - it gives some real confidence.…its the assurance that a baby has, that his mum wont drop him on the hard floor from a 5 feet height…we need to trust God like babies …

We go thru stuff..and all we really want to know is that we’ll come out on top at the end…the scene looks so bad and all set for you to be the scapegoat…but God says I’m with you, even till the end of time….

…….And God has given us hundreds of assurances and promises in His word…but they don’t start to work for us ‘cos they are there ..we have to take them, believe and confess them..

ma two lips are fine now..fresh as ever..

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

“sorry” in zulu

ah my people..i’m so really mighy wonderfully sorry for running off…

i wish i could apologise in all languages from aramaic to zulu…but please people i’m on ma knees seat saying..

i’ll be better now..there are always reasons..but i dont like falling back on next post will be about my lip job…

catch y’all..