Friday, 19 June 2009

this is a scrappy one..

I have had this for months now…..

o.k so I got this tag from geebee(come back o) a while back…and I feel really funny doing mine after the whole world seems to have forgotten bout the scrap award.. he who brags last brags best…..

Here are the instructions I have to follow:
1. You must brag about the award

2. You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger

3. You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Blog Award.

5. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

1) I have been wondering for some weeks now..what my life would be like had I not discovered blogville.

2) I’m a social movie-watcher...I do love them and all that..but it just hit me that I have not been able to get myself to watch movies alone…

3) I watch an unholy amount of tv., believe me..i just keep switching from channel to channel .had to not pay subscriptions to save myself and this is where I’ll appreciate Nigerian channels for not showing anything good enough to hold me..

4) I’ve got the same birthday as my CEO’s wife, she told me herself, but I’m still gonna

5) I’m too sensitive ..which makes me notice lil things..which is not sooo good..cos the other person is just doin their thing..

6) I’ve been drunk only once in ma life, in the village, grannies burial, 8 yrs old, one of the so called uncles, the palm wine was sweet, full glass, my last memory was, taking the glass away from my mouth..after that..i woke ..crazy stuff…( I was told I kept introducing myself over and over…asin crazy stuff…
….inspired by FG..

6) I’m just reading my first book this year(april) ,been really lazy….. “what makes a woman feel loved?” by Emilie Barnes.
I feel like dropping it tho...but don’t think I will eventually.

7) I feel like I’m telling you people too much

8) I’m ashamed to but I’ll admit that I kinda like second hand cigarette, i.e hanging around someone that has just finished smoking..the smell is almost like coffee and even tho I don’t take coffee I like being in a room with someone taking it…now pls do I need help….? lol

9) I love the playlist on my blog right now…..manage that one

10) I love hair…asin plenty hair…but I’m lilmited with what I can do with my hair …as I cant go doing corn-rows and leaving weird afro’s…my children’s hairs are in trouble..rotf.. did I mention that I can braid ..o yeah..learnt it a looong time ago….and it has refused to go away ..even without practice.

11) I’m so thankful to God for the people I have met on blogsville

finally!! IT wasn’t that easy o, and I hereby solemnly swear that everything is the true and nothing but the false..…lol..
from me to you//.,,.peace n luv


Anonymous said...

yeah, the play list is nice starts with 1 of my favs...u like 2nd hand smoke? wah 4 u oh...u can braid? nice...ur children won't need to visit the salon often @ introducing urself several times while drunk...

Anonymous said...

I wonder about #1 too sometimes -- both good and bad sides though...

I don't do movies or TV either, 2nd hand smoke.. never thought about that but when I was younger all my friends smoked - a lot!

Seriously considered going dreadlocked for a while --- but the people that mattered stamped it out the milisecond it came out of my mouth!

Beulah! said...

I thot i was the only one that has gone lazy (book reading wise)...i haven't read any this year!, very bad.

Nice one Simeone.

BSNC said...

na today dey break for honest scrap..

i like your playlist, very nice. drunk when you were, you like second smoker.. it is a wa o.

Nice job..

Remi, United Kingdom said...

there are beautiful people in blogsville, i hope I meet some in person too! #2, I am so with you on that one, I am not a TV person... I only go to the movies with friends, or when I am really, really, extremely bored! #5, being sensitive is good.. makes you appreciate the little things too.. :-)) lol@#6...I think most that have lived in the village at some point can testify to the power of palmwine oh - I raise my hands up.. helu! #6ahhh.. first book of the year ke? oya match your fingers to my book club and become a member pronto... I am even giving away books for free.. my pastor says "if you don't read you stink oh" hehehehe
#10, you can braid... I see, £'s sign, I see $ sign oh... open a saloon.. you will have to lock the door to keep customers away...

ps...thanks for checking up on me oh.. just trying to conclude a project I am working on, which I will share with blogsvilles soon by God's grace... New post will be up by Thursda yaaaaaaaaaay!

much love x

Geebee said...

Hahaha. nice one. done at last. Hmmm, been drunk only once in your life? Man, that makes me wish I was like you. Considering that, i might quit drinking for good. . . I'm a social drinker anyway. lol, And that thought of liking to hang around someone who's smoked cos it smells like coffee? Oga, abeg o. It's hard to understand how cigarettes and coffee smell alike. Maybe I need my nose checked then. How have you been, bro. Geebee's back. Spread the word!

afrocouture said...

lol, nice write up?

will your CEO's wife give you anything for having same birthday?

second hand smoke---still not good fr you

Anonymous said...

awww, thankful for me?

this was good honest meme.

second hand smoke, second hand you like second hand clothes and people?

yu know how to braid?hmmmm, i wanna learn

drunk as a kid----I can relate to that and the side effects of fermented palm wine.

Mimi said...

lol @ you introducing yourself over and over again!!!


aloted said... whats the story behind u and the CEO's wife apart from the fact that u share the same birthday??

u can braid hair...hmmm...i need to see a picture of ur work!

doll said...

LOL@ no 3
Can you braid for real??
and most importantly assure me you were kidding about reading your first book recently

Enkay said...

Second hand smoke? They say that's the kind that's even more dangerous to your health!

Braiding huh? You should open up shop! lol!

The poets voice ~~~ said...

wow..this is really good and funny!

Drunk at 8????.....loooool!

second hand smoke is worse than first hand..realli bad for your health.

and if you can braid...then you the dollar sign written all over you!.

simeone said...

thanks i generally just got alot of stick ...for some particular points...anywayz..thanks for the comments o..i really appreciate...
i really would hav loved to each comment o....