Monday, 20 April 2009

all you need is one word…lol

lauging cos i think the title sounds a bit serious.. well sha.this is for naijababe

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

* Dont google your answers.

*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: Simeone
2. A four Letter Word: Save
3. A boy's Name:
4. A girl's Name: Suri..
5. An occupation: Sailor
6. A color: Sea-green
7. Something you'll wear: Sandals
9. A food: Suya (used to be the love of my life....,kinda)
10. Something found in the bathroom: Shower
11. A place: Sacramento
12. A reason for being late: Shaving (not as bad as it sounds o…lol)
13. Something you'd shout: Stop ! (especially at myself..)
14. A movie title: Sarafina
15. Something you drink: Slush…(its heavenly, especially on a sunny day. I remember skol days)
16. A musical group: …Salvadore
17. An animal: Sheep
18. A street name: Sokoto
19. A type of car: Sequia (not sure of the spelling..its from Toyota tho..)
20. The title of a song: Superwoman…(someone should pls do a superman song )

feel free people to get in on the act..dont really feel like tagging no one.



BSNC said...

you did a good job. yea i miss suya oo badly...

have a lovely week

Writefreak said...

Great job Simeone...i kinda messed mine up!

Rita said...

The mere mention of Suya makes me hungry...Nice one

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ Rita, ditto..

Simeone now I want suya ooooooh...
hmm obalande suya, here I come? lol

boys name: Saka? lol..

Have a great week ahead.
Much Love

Kafo said...

that worked out for u

hmmm my name starts with a K so
i don't really think it would work

have a blessed week

Beulah! said...

Thanks for checking up on me Simeone. I have been under immense work load dats why i've been MIA.

Nice meme but...Name of a street "sokoto" that so???, thought sokoto was the name of a state?..huh

Cidersweet said...

Honestly. I wanted to raid the fridge for something like suya too. Nothing close sha :-(
You're good shey?

Bibi said...

superman song? soldier boy did it i think. lol. as for suya why did you have to put that there. of all the foods you just had to tortue me abi?

Anonymous said...

niiice; you made it look so easy...was it easy with the answers?

simeone said...

@ BSNC..thanks alot..didnt know blogville had suya lovers like this ..have fun..

@ writefreak..thanks...u know what those teachers write now..."u can do better next term"

@ Rita..thanks o...what do we do to this suya marra now...

@ remi..obalende ke.?..u berra stay ..remain blessed.

@ kafo..i'm sure it would work out o..give it a try..mine wasn't that easy too..cheers.

@ beulah..good to know u are fine for that know everywhere has a street names after it in another state..and all the states have a street named after them in the thats haw it came about..peace..

@ cidersweet..should i say sorry for invoking the suya thirst..:-)?
i'm good , thanks alot...hope you cool too..?

@ bibi..:-) sori i had to torture you..i just had to do what i ahd to u cool..?.

naijagirl, was straight forward for most of it..but for some i had to let my brain dig more..into itself..thanks for the tag...peace

Buttercup said...

lol @ sokoto for a street name..

urs seemed easy sha!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hi, stop by my blog to read what Jaycee said about you in her interview. Thanks

Enkay said...

You did the meme well Simeone. i also wondered about the street name sokoto. lol!!

Rose said...

Interesting Tag Simeon...Have a nice weekend..

Reverence said...

lol @ sokoto for street name. we need to prove this o!

Dee! said...

All these talk about suya is making me crave for SUYA O! O suya . . . the perfect meal snack!

@REVERENCE: I know a couple of Sokoto streets scattered all over Nigeria.

Buttercup said...

Just passing by..hope u r good?

Danny BaGucci said...

lol.. slush possibly rescued my life one of those days back in Nigeria in April... LOL.. TOT i'd commented on this post before!!!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Hey bros,

Just dropping by to see how you are doing.. hope you are good and having a great week..

Much love x

James Tubman said...

sounds fun

i gotta do that when i get a chance

Beulah! said...

Whr art thou oh!?