Monday, 20 April 2009

all you need is one word…lol

lauging cos i think the title sounds a bit serious.. well sha.this is for naijababe

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

* Dont google your answers.

*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: Simeone
2. A four Letter Word: Save
3. A boy's Name:
4. A girl's Name: Suri..
5. An occupation: Sailor
6. A color: Sea-green
7. Something you'll wear: Sandals
9. A food: Suya (used to be the love of my life....,kinda)
10. Something found in the bathroom: Shower
11. A place: Sacramento
12. A reason for being late: Shaving (not as bad as it sounds o…lol)
13. Something you'd shout: Stop ! (especially at myself..)
14. A movie title: Sarafina
15. Something you drink: Slush…(its heavenly, especially on a sunny day. I remember skol days)
16. A musical group: …Salvadore
17. An animal: Sheep
18. A street name: Sokoto
19. A type of car: Sequia (not sure of the spelling..its from Toyota tho..)
20. The title of a song: Superwoman…(someone should pls do a superman song )

feel free people to get in on the act..dont really feel like tagging no one.


Monday, 6 April 2009

actor nor dey die

Its baffling me, it’s..…I don’t even know how else to ventilate it..

Someone please tell I’m supposed to hear a still small voice when I’m actually within a little storm..and there’s another one raging within. Now here comes the most amusing part, I can actually hear this still small voice..maybe that sounds a bit spooky, let me call it a sweet ‘lil voice..telling me I’ll be fine and not just fine I’ll be ahead of the pack at he end…the voice said again…you know I have not only come that you may have, but have an overflowing abundance of it (john 10:10)…again you know my thoughts and plans for you are to give you a future and a hope(Jer 29:11)and have you forgotten that nothing can get to you except it passes through me..? long as you remain in me though..the truth is that you are already a victor..but the facts I see and feel are not in sync with the truth…


Now I’m smiling..But it’s for my own good that I choose to hold on to the truth sweet ‘lil voice says, you know I’ll always cause you to triumph..look at you remember the other day, the other month, the other year..when you thought no helper would show up, remember how it all worked out for you…just think back ..look at where you are now..remember how you later apologized for doubting and worrying….

Now I’m giggling…’cos as soon as I paid attention to the sweet ‘lil voice the storm became infinitesimally inconsequential. Now its clearer to me that this life..i live by the revelation that Jesus is my Lord and Shepherd..

Now I’m laughing..cos the storm is just there now, doing its thing..its got nothing on me now…look at me now..with the swagger of an eagle…His words say that even a nursing mother may forget her baby, but He wont forget me..(Isaiah 49:15)

Now I’am laughing like I’m high..cos I let Him fight my battles and here I stand victorious, knowing that all I am and all I’ll ever be is ‘cos of who God is. I’m reminded that actor nor day die 1 ..and in this case, I am Joseph and Arnold, I am Daniel and Jackie Chan I am David and James It’s obvious I’m High….lol but hey ,truth is I’m a victor.

1.the lead actor never dies.