Monday, 2 March 2009

last words..? not yet

I wanna write don’t know exactly what I wanna write…there’s a lot of bits and pieces here and there….well , the other day I was thinking…what would I love my last post to be about..emotional me, I know …no I’m not that I’m planning to leave blogville , nah..i was just wondering.., there’s definitely going to be a last time we all do stuff.. a last time you eat, the last time I sing, the last time you drive, the last time I make a call, the last time you laugh and you can fill in the blanks ..that’s why I thought if there’s is a last time I do a blog post..would I know it? what if I knew it? what would I write about?..what would I tell all those that I pray for and think about almost every day since I started blogging? those I have fallen in love with, those that have let me be a part of their worlds one way or the other, what will I say to those that never left a comment or responded to one when I left it on their those that have made me laugh when I didn’t feel like, those that encouraged me when I thought there was nothing good about me….what would I say ?.. well, I would tell them all ?, I’ve got nothing but love for all of them I would thank them for their comments I would thank them for sharing their time with me, their thoughts and opinions, for their prayers I would thank them for tolerating me the times I was insensitive and not really appreciative of them, I would apologise to my ex all over again not pointing any fingers this time around, then I would tell them not to forget what’s important in life and more importantly not to forget that there is still a life after life and that as much as they enjoy life they shouldn’t forget that that life was given to them as a gift, and one thing we do usually is appreciate the giver of the gift. Okay, remember when you got a gift that you didn’t really like and you go “what is this?” in your heart, maybe you did a half-hearted thank-you very much to the giver so they won’t say you didn’t even appreciate it, like the shirts my dad used to buy for me, I just dumped them in the wardrobe,…. but there is this other gift you really appreciated, probably you were planning to get that stuff yourself before then…you do the thank-you and later when you are alone with the gift you keep appreciating the person and the think of life as a gift but with two added features that don’t come with other gifts…i) the giver sees all you do with the gift ii) the giver will ask for an account of how you used/spent the gift…need I expatiate on these two points…I’m not saying if you are not perfect..then buzz off, no! we all make mistakes, get disappointed, we all get our feathers ruffled, get taken advantage of..but what you want from life and what you want to do with your life is in your heart..nobody should try and deceive anybody, well, you can actually deceive the whole world, but then…everything is laid bare before the giver of life. get in tune with Him, get hooked on Jesus and get high loving Him. peace n luv..