Thursday, 19 February 2009

25 issues I have

so i was tagged by i had to put together 25 issues in my life so you guys can pray fro

I don’t eat amala…(if you dont know what it is..then just move on..)

I roll with older people more, that’s cos I always seem to have a problem with the maturity of guys my age, especially the disrespect in anyway..

I don’t work seriously until I know there’s a deadline and often get a kick from toying with the deadline…yeah I know it’s not so cool.
I never abandon or let go of friends that stepped to me first.
I am an arsenal fan
I can’t sleep with the lights on; else I’ll have to cover my face with a pillow.
I have a hopeless eye fetish.
I can identify a song I knew before by hearing if for just a second or even less; make it 2 seconds if you don’t believe me.
I love
I like bananas
The sight of blood injuries and sores can make me sick in an instant.

I do a lot of buying on impulse, I’m getting better though.

I have been driving for close to 10 years but have never driven interstate.
My English teacher used “a cold glass of milk” in a sentence when I was in J S 2 and I’ve never stopped taking one since then.

I don’t know how to pretend.
I change barbers immediately they start acting familiar.
I have and prefer having older people as my friends.
I develop a natural dislike for anything that’s hyped or should I say overhyped.

This is the fourth year running since I’ve fallen ill in anyway (thank you fada)…apart from the occasional flu, when I expose myself.

I beat a classmate once and his nose bleed, I think it was when I was in primary 2, I remember cos my dad told me…not like I’m proud of it, but I guess I had fun then….

I can’t buy a car with no leather seats or I love leather seats in cars.

Scooping beverage and milk into a mug is never 100% successful for me, 9 out of 10 times, some of the beverage pours on the table.

I don’t change my mind about something/someone very easily just as I don’t make up my mind easily.

I didn’t know how to dance until after about two years in the university, and no, it had nothing to do with what I was studying then.

I don’t like controversy/drama i.e. as mischievous as I may be, I like keeping things simple..

ok and this one....i really lov books but once the book has to do with "school" i start to just tolerate it...

thanks so much for smiling , laughing, frowning and every other thing you did when you read..
so i'm tagging believer and jaycee and geebee and afrobabeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 1


tankojjetty said...

Hi...1st time here i think...
i dont just know o, my eyes just scrolled to the part that u're an arsenal
and thank God u acknowledge u need prayers....if not on anything else, this one don

Writefreak said...

simeone, you owe us one more cos you wrote the being friends with older people part twice! so one more thing!!!
I also love bananas, they're delicious but not the big fat ones...

Afrobabe said...

love ur playlist...u wrote the older people part twice so u really must like us older people!! lol..

ten out of ten times I spill beverages as well as the tea itself...

Writefreak said...

i tell you, dude is really digging us!

Anonymous said...

If I disect each line, will you be so kind as to explain?

The entry is interesting

Dee! said...

Good to know that there is someone out there who do not eat amala, just like me!

LG said...

@tankojetty...werrin be ur own??? abi chelsea send u??? :)


Geebee said...

Your ‘issues’ are very natural ones and I smiled a lotta times while reading especially cos I have some of these ‘issues’ as well (I need prayers too, shebi?) For one, I hate lights on when sleeping, I am an Arsenal fan and I love Jesus. You don't like amala? Your loss, man. I love amala to pieces even though I have not tasted it for like three weeks now. There are some others but let’s keep it simple. I should not judge but men, you are just cool by my standards . . . at least there are hardly any really bad vices noted here or did you decide to leave them out on purpose? lol

Remi, United Kingdom said...

very funny post! lol... I don't eat amala too.. infact I don't eat any "okele" food... too heavy!
you sure like old people. u had that in twice..! lol..

I don't like bananas, only eat it when I'm going to gym for a 2 hour workout! lol....

Have a wonderful weekend ahead :-))

Kafo said...

this is edjumacating

bananas, no pretending, no amala, eye fetish


Reverence said...

i feel you on the amala, only had it once and it was not a good experience *shudders*

lol @ old people twice

simeone said...

i'm screamingggggggggggggggggggg.......................that was a mistake o....i mean the old peeps lemme add one more,,..

Favoured Girl said...

Great stuff! I enjoyed reading this. You are very normal.. :)

Now let me see... what do we have in common? I love Jesus too, indecisive but stubborn, love bananas, (deadlines!deadlines!), impulse buying, drama-free living, and novels not textbooks! There, we have loads of stuff in common :)

Afrobabe said...

Hey I read this before and my name wasn't on the tag...this is cheating!!!

rayo said...

was jst thinkin abt how i'd missed Si nd u went nd upd8d.
afro, it is there now sha, do the tag!

Buttercup said...

Kai, all these memes ehn..


simeone said...

@ tankojetty…pls what’s d meaning of this name..? I ask. Ok so lemme say welcome o for coming the first tym…so hav u been prayin/ prayed for me..just want to tell ya not to waste your saliva ,..nuff said..loll

@ writefreak..yeah..dont like those fat ones too..the have a plain taste..compared to the sweet ones..
@afro ma playlist ?..thanks o, been thinking of changing it sef..yes o..i cant deny the older people thing… I also spill the tea what do we do to this shaky hands..?..

@ naijagirl..really don’t get what you are trying to you want me to explain each point..

@ you don’t eat amala too..?..muah

@ LG…thank you me ask am..?

@ Geebee..vices abi..i can think of three now..they are not as serious as they used to be…but maybe I’ll get another opportunity to spill some other time…u can drop by at tankojetty’s and drop ur name on his prayer list ..loll

@ remi, thanks o ..the weekend was actually fun, more than I planned for..older peeps . yes o, so we have numbers in this, no amala party..(nap)..loll

@ kafo..edjumacating…dictionary pls….loll

@ reverence..welcome to nap…we will soon take over…lol

simeone said...

@ favoured girll.loll..quite alot in common.

@ afrobabe..hmm, dont let me tell you to go get glasses o, like myself and writefreak...

@ rayo...u didnt say if we have anything in common..
being missed feels cool sha..
hop u r fyn..?

simeone said...

@ buttercup...yes o..welcome to nap.!.hop u cool..?

aloted said...

ok so how is loving Jesus an issue...u dont need prayers on that one

we have some things in common.

Anonymous said...

Simeone,I am too curious by nature and some of yur entry triggered my question bank.

I love the blue caption on I love Jesus

thanks for stopping by my blog

The poets voice ~~~ said...

This was very interesting to read.
You are pretty normal and you don't need prayers on most of

I love Jesus too!
deadlines....always an issue.
books...i always seem to be stuck in one (but the skl books i jst have to put up with)

Olamild said...

I can't sleep with the light on
I'm with u on that one

Interesting read by the way

Rita said...

This is more like 25 pieces of you :-)

LOL @ "My English teacher used “a cold glass of milk” in a sentence when I was in J S 2 and I’ve never stopped taking one since then..."

What's the meaning of "I change barbers immediately they start acting familiar"

Thank God for your health, health is wealth.

chichi said...

truly hilarious and original. me like.

Enkay said...

We might consider praying for you on the issue of preferring older people o! You wrote it twice! lol!

Are there that many barbers around you? 'Cos 3 visits to any one of them is more than enough time for them to start getting familiar.

first time here. Nice blog!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ Simeone, yes oh.. it seems we have a "no amala" eating committee right up in here! lol.
Just dropping by to show some luv.
have an awesome rest of the week and weekend ahead...
and don't sack the barbar oh, otherwise you might end up with an afro like mine..

If anyone knows a good afro hairdresser in London abeg, nah God I take beg all d women in blogsville, please send me the details... lol.

Much Love

simeone said...

@ aloted..hapi to know that..thanks..

@ naijagirl..okay .. i get you sound soo cool/gentle..
you are welcome o..cheers

@ the poets voice..thanks o..good to know i dont reli need

@ olamild..hapi u enjoyed it...

@ rita..i'm just one that doesnt like familiarity that much o, i just dont like chattin chattin..i wish i cld explain beta..

@ chichi..thanks..muah

@ the barbers ehen..i live in a city and there are more than enof...but actually i kinda recycle them..abandon them for a while then go back there..that way..they dont get comfortable with me.. i know..sounds twisted..glad u enjoyed it..

@ remi.. lol..what u dont know is i've always been an afro person..and just do the cuttin when i'm kind tired of my
but what i do is abandon them..then i go back after sometym..hav a great weekend too...bless you



I am curious. What exactly is an eye fetish? What are you doing with eyes or you just like/dislike eyes?


Parakeet said...

Ehm...Simeone girls are often more mature than boys of the same age. A guy needs to be at least 3 yrs olfer to catch up with a girl in maturity. Na me talk am...wink*

Thanks for dropping by my end.

simeone said...

@ eye fetish is such that makes me wanna talk to someone just cos i like their eyes...

@ parakeet..yes o..i do agree with you verywell..but they all just seem to have some attitude or the other that i cant stand...thanks

~Sirius~ said...

Ok, this is freaky.....There are sooo many things on your list that are me, lights off while sleeping, just making deadline at the office, like 60% of your traits i have, fettish for eyes!

Well i beat you to one thing though, driving from Lagos to Ibadan can be termed as inter state right?

doll said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

on d sight of blood issue, I guess we r alike...u dnt nd prayers 4 sum of ur issues, eg loving