Thursday, 19 February 2009

25 issues I have

so i was tagged by i had to put together 25 issues in my life so you guys can pray fro

I don’t eat amala…(if you dont know what it is..then just move on..)

I roll with older people more, that’s cos I always seem to have a problem with the maturity of guys my age, especially the disrespect in anyway..

I don’t work seriously until I know there’s a deadline and often get a kick from toying with the deadline…yeah I know it’s not so cool.
I never abandon or let go of friends that stepped to me first.
I am an arsenal fan
I can’t sleep with the lights on; else I’ll have to cover my face with a pillow.
I have a hopeless eye fetish.
I can identify a song I knew before by hearing if for just a second or even less; make it 2 seconds if you don’t believe me.
I love
I like bananas
The sight of blood injuries and sores can make me sick in an instant.

I do a lot of buying on impulse, I’m getting better though.

I have been driving for close to 10 years but have never driven interstate.
My English teacher used “a cold glass of milk” in a sentence when I was in J S 2 and I’ve never stopped taking one since then.

I don’t know how to pretend.
I change barbers immediately they start acting familiar.
I have and prefer having older people as my friends.
I develop a natural dislike for anything that’s hyped or should I say overhyped.

This is the fourth year running since I’ve fallen ill in anyway (thank you fada)…apart from the occasional flu, when I expose myself.

I beat a classmate once and his nose bleed, I think it was when I was in primary 2, I remember cos my dad told me…not like I’m proud of it, but I guess I had fun then….

I can’t buy a car with no leather seats or I love leather seats in cars.

Scooping beverage and milk into a mug is never 100% successful for me, 9 out of 10 times, some of the beverage pours on the table.

I don’t change my mind about something/someone very easily just as I don’t make up my mind easily.

I didn’t know how to dance until after about two years in the university, and no, it had nothing to do with what I was studying then.

I don’t like controversy/drama i.e. as mischievous as I may be, I like keeping things simple..

ok and this one....i really lov books but once the book has to do with "school" i start to just tolerate it...

thanks so much for smiling , laughing, frowning and every other thing you did when you read..
so i'm tagging believer and jaycee and geebee and afrobabeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 1