Thursday, 29 January 2009

as random as it gets my year has been wonderful so far…..not been all honeymoonie but I’m so thankful for the direction God has been giving me……I said it on someone’s blog and I’m gonna say it again..2008 just had to go the way it went for me to have the 2009 that I’ll be forever be grateful for..
…was in the barber shop and after the pleasantries the guy gets to business..well, I told him what I wanted and he was working then he starts telling me how he has stopped smoking..which reminded me of my first post this year..he said if someone told him he wouldn’t smoke for 1 week he would never have believed the person…and he said its almost four weeks now…I smiled cos deep inside I was happy for him…a while later he starts telling me how he has started paying his tithe even when its just ten you might think I have preached to him before but nah..I have never, and I was just wondering why did he think I was the kind of person that would encourage him to pay his tithe….

In my head, I think the funniest type of physical death a person can die is death caused by yawning..imagine an autopsy result reading ……. . cause of death : yawning.… and also in my head the meanest thing you can write on someone’s facebook wall is “pay me my money” ..what do you think..?

So I met my first blogger and that’s all I’m going to say..okay let me add..i was happy I met her..i present to you was fun, and going by this experience I’ll love to keep meeting bloggers..thats all i'll say for now..

I think I’m lonely… but I think I’m fine…and I choose to say, I’m doing great
i'm just me trying hard(not by power or might) to keep it real with HIM, you know who.., yeah, my maker, the reason why i live, the reason I can face tomorrow. I'm still young, but I have been through somethings, and after everything I come to conclude,my life can only make meaning to anybody, in His hands, I am so afraid to run the show of my life by myself, because I know that the result is a guaranteed 101% failure. Therefore , each day I try to see things the way He wants me to see them, no matter how trivial the situation may look like. I love Him, but at the end I feel so unworthy, because He loved me first, and I feel like there is nothing I can do to love Him back the way He has loved me, but I know just like David said in one of his psalms, I've got a good thing going with Him, and I am not letting go. (the message bible) .I love you Jesus. It is this love that gives me all the value that I’m worth. Lets look at it like this. Look at God's love for us with the love of a little girl with her favorite doll. That doll might be threadbare & falling apart at the seams. The doll itself has no value at all, except to that little girl. To her, it is priceless, the most important object in the world. The doll itself has no value, but the girl's love gives it infinite value. Likewise, it is God's love that gives us worth, even though we are not worthy of that love.
so no matter what it is goin on around us or in the world, lets remember, theres an end, and that when the real winners are recognised, dont win now and be something less than a winner in the end...selah

Friday, 16 January 2009

..yes i have kissed a girl...

People pleeeze tell me is it crime to not have kissed a girl in my life….you guys really made me feel like I’m living in the 17th century o…just for some seconds though.
It was really fun reading everybody’s point and the little reasons attached to it..

My dear sting…no I’m not wood o..the truth of the marra is that it my cousin that made that statement….

Madam LG..u ended up not giving your own answer..

Believer…you already said you don’t know I wont ask you…

Jaycee mi..even if I lie to the whole blogville..i wont lie to I confess..number 3 is not a lie..

Geebama himself..bros I’m not gay o..why are you people trying to make me feel like ..i don’t even know what to call me sef.. do you know you didn’t answer the just explained your thoughts to me…so therefore

Reminator my reminator…are you guys trying to tell me I must kiss a girl this year ..lolllll

Darling dee…you gave me two lies instead of one..howfar now..

Writefreak mi…well you were almost there o..but almost doesn’t count..

Dearest rayo…how did you guess..? or did you just close ur eyes and pick one..

Alotedbabe..hmmm..well well..number two is no lie o ..

Zayzee..i luurv this name first of all..but please..complete your statement….

Abujamaiden….the answer is not 2..would have been happy if you got it…but….

Kafo…well mumber 2 is not the lie..thats my final answer…

So should I say congratulations to my one and only believer and dearest rayo..both you guys will be getting a fone call from moi as long as you send your digits to (bone underscore sykes)
and if you schedule is quite tight lemme when you’ll be really free to receive a very important call..;-)…

Thanks everyone for participating…and I promise you I wont be kissing a girl anytime soon..yes cos you guys just made me more stubborn..heheeheee..

Thursday, 1 January 2009

what's insanity..

I want some things to turn out differently this year and the good thing is that I have a measure of power to influence these things…and as a wise man once said .. “ the definition of insanity is to do the same things or do things same way and expect a different result” think about actually sounds like a good definition…

Maybe there’s someone like me reading this; like me in the sense that I think I know somethings and don’t practice them…which can mean that I actually don’t know what I think I know…it has also been said that the amount of information/knowledge you have at your disposal is what makes you different from the fella next to you..where exactly am I going with all these…?
I think/ know that deep inside us …we all know what things we need to pay more attention to this year and some other things that don’t need all the energy we give to them and finally the things we even need to stop giving attention to..i’m not an advocate or fan of new year resolutions, but some how the inevitable urge to appraise the whole year gone by still catches up with me…
So I looked at the last year and its really obvious I need to get better at somethings..(lord help me)….but I am greatful for the lessons I had to learn in the past year..the process was not really pleasant but I can now say I’m a berra person..(thank you father)..
For the year ’09 I have notes of the major goals for the major areas of life that I must sort out and I’m confident that my Helper is ever present. { career wise, spiritually, financially and the relationships in my life –including the blogville ones..;-) }…
So what are you living for?..this is not a matter of ’09..this is a life question..its what you are living for that will determine how you live each year..somewhere ,somehow , there’s a fraudster planning on how to get better, a prostitute thinking of how to get better at her business and a pastor, writer, husband, politician all thinking and working towards getting better at what they do, so please don’t be left out.

so people, lets go on and live this life with gratitude 'cos its a gift .

have a fulfilling '09 of God's grace and new possibilities.... .muah

*** the answers to the previous post will be in my next post...***