Saturday, 15 November 2008

better kitchen...better me..

Lets face it…we all know thos lil things in the dark corners of our lives that we have not found it easy to do away with...and it doesn’t stop there..we know that if we deal with those behaviors or that particular one we will become better as individuals…for instance..not so long ago,

I started to get really irritated with a messy kitchen sink..I’m usually too lazy to do the lil dishes I use at night…I maybe tired but bottom-line its ma laziness that makes me leave it till the next day..Morning afternoon or evening….ah, I can be untidy….but when the holy-spirit brought this to my attention, I knew okay…. I had to deal with it..look at this..”if you are filled with light with no dark corners, then your whole life radiant as though a floodlight is shining in you” that’s what luke 11:36 says
Keeping the sink clean can seem like an unsignificant part of my life and there are so many other things that we can see as inconsequential when it comes to our “outside image”..people can see you outside and think..hey, he seems really nice or she'z not the fussy type..…those things are cool , great..but I have come to discover that as humans..we have the room to always improve ourselves….if you look back at that verse ..that point where it says “with no dark corners” really got to me…
Dealing with the dark corners is quite easy if you put your mind to I said the kitchen sink thing made me really uncomfortable….and so I just made sure I took care of the place before going to bed, if I didn’t decide to address the issue, I’ll still look good , I’ll still be faculty would still function normally my relationship with people might not be affected especially when they don’t live with me, my bank balance would not be affected in any way..But I’ll know...that peace and joy that I’m supposed to have inside isn’t complete, just because of dis-obedience…
So guys..let’s look inwards and check all the corners of our lives, it might be a bad habit like not saying “thank-you” I tell you , there are people like that or maybe its something to do with lateness…everybody knows what that dark corner and there..but if you are the person satisfied with part of your life being radiant..and the other part kinda’s up to you….

What I’m just trying to say..what is that one thing that you know…if u stopped or started doing, would make you a better person, maybe not for anybody, but for you and your maker….think !..