Thursday, 4 September 2008

now you know....

Sitting here , wondering and smiling at the little things here and there that make up this entity called me..
Why don’t I keep in touch with 90% of the people I soon as I change geographic location…
I’m wondering why the hair on my cheeks grows every 12 hours… with it tho...

I want to appreciate everyone on blogville for the love as well as their comments…my people, y’all know yourselves..right..?
Sometimes things happen and I want to get angry and give the offending party what they deserve..and I cant do as I please..i know too much ,I have passed the stage of “do me I do you” it pains me sometimes o..but it just a matter of minutes before I forget the whole drama…

I gotta say this, during my service year, I was toasted by a guy…yeah u read me right ..GUY..i knew there were gay people quite alright but that experience took me to another level of the reality..its a long story the way the thing happened but I was ..shocked is an understatement… …out of my normal nice self even tried to visit him..but God ordered my steps to the wrong room and consequently the wrong bunk and bed and I even left a note for the wrong person, then it was the morning after he made his intentions known. I was telling everybody I could..and of course I got diverse recommendations on how to deal with the situation...I don’t feel like talking about it now…he sha got to know he was is a wrong address by the end of that day…..

So I’m wondering what sort of i-thot-you-were-seventy remarks I’m going to be getting from bloggers when I say I’m 24 years old and my birthday was and is always sometime in there you go..daz my age..

See me see myself,..i am still waiting to get a Job o..just because I don’t wanna work/live in the organized bedlam called Lagos ..I know my heavenly father wont abandon me..he knows what I want..see spoilt child( y’all should know that I’m not idle sha )

There’s this babe in church o..would like to build something with her but she’z going to another mans land for masters degree, and I don’t think I want any long distance hulla ballu…lollllllll and I sld embark on dat same trip but not until this time next year.. . So we just talk and thats where it stops…father take control….abi.

So each time I wanna make stew and all the kitchen stress I get tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks , the onions don’t treat me nicely at all..and then the “ata rodo” makes me cough like I’m gonna puke…anyhow I just wanted you guyz to know say I sabi cook..(laughs)…and if you taste ma food your life will never remain thesame
(za work of mi hands)…btw I just learnt how to make egusi not long ago..( lg clap 4 me )..
Let me shut-up now, this is getting too long… I feel like I poured out my heart…. y’all be good to all around you and then yourself..peace


aloted said...

Am first!!! lol

Wow...24..not bad at

Toasted by a gay guy?? u have feminie features or wat...o ga o...

Na noodles be that...that plate of food looks yummy...pls email some to me o...

About the girl...keep praying about it.if it is meant to be it will be..short or long distance.. Let go and Let GOD

NewLife said...

Im second.. off to read

NewLife said...

"Baba 70" lol sorry I couldnt resist
keeping in touch is not so easy for me, just one random day, I'll want to talk to everyone and on other days...?u get my point
I cant even imagine how that gay man experince went, especially in naija, man to man
Oga you have cooking skills o, as for the chic, keep praying and please dont let a good one pass you by regardless of the distance especially when you have plans to travel in the future as well. God is always in control

simeoneomobaba said...

@ aloted
big ups..for your first position aloted , you cracked me up there..woulda loved to email d food .but.emm knoow now..
o.k o, i definetly keep praying..and i dont have feminine features o..but i'm gud looking sha..bless God
thanks alot

@ newlife
lol..its okbvious you just couldn't resist..i'm on exactly thesame page with you on that keeping in touch thing.. i'll pray more bout this girl issue o..thanks so much

Jaycee said...

My personal

Somehow I'm not shocked u're 24...wohooo! We're like age-mates, that's cool. Lol.

Can't believe u were toasted by a guy...anyways, moving on. u like a girl...ok, let's see where God takes that one. Pray about it too...your steps are ordered when u seek God's face in even the tiniest of matters...:)

Maybe u shd open a blogville Kitchen, Mr. Cook! Lol.

Jaycee said...

And if she's the one for u...long-distance relationships work (from experience)! But they're hard sha o...

So I'm not encouraging you to take any step unless God orders ur steps to do so. If not, there are many other fish in the big blue sea...he he!

Reverence said...

is this life? me number 7, chei!
lol @ your gay guy story..
about LDRs...iam too much of a romantic to totally rule them out but i ahve been burned by them a LOT!!!
@ Jaycee, if none of the parties in the relationship require a visa to visit the other, then it is NOT a LDR.. :)

rayo said...

jeez, how did he say it, how did u react, that musta been so so weird.
ehm, u c, i need a husband who can cook, as per, me i'm... so r u up? lol

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I love this post. Sort of every where, but still told a story about how you are feeling. You're still young mehnnn..... see talking as if I'm an old granma. I pretty excited to see december, cause for one its my birthday,... yay..

about the girl, seek the Lord, and what He bids you do, do. nothing works without His involvement. I should know. Take care, and remember all is well with ya.

Rita said...

That meal looked soooo nice...was it really the work of your hands? Wow!!!

You sound more mature than your age, and it's really good. You are young and you've got the whole world ahead of you. Don't worry, the job that your heart desires is on its way, afterall He has promised to give us the desires of our heart...

As for the babe, leave God to take control but you can keep in touch with her. You never know...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmmm..... i love to add lots of atarodo in myfood o...

ok... what else can you cook?

Anonymous said...

hey thanx for stopping by my blog

Kafo said...

wow a lot to cover
1. No i did not think you were 70 more like 25 so i guess i wasn't too far from the mark.

2. long distance relationships SUCK and are EVIl and are the DEVIL. did i mention i was in one?

3. what is wrong with lagos now

4. All things happen in His time just make sure that you are tuned in to the right channel

simeoneomobaba said...

@ jaycee.
lol @ blogville kitchen..too will my people eat thier meals..? cool with the "agemates" too.. thanks so much for the advice.and that many fish ,big blue sea thing just makes me too relaxed and i dont really like it..

@ reverence.
number can do better (school report) lol. i'm praying bout it and will take the leap if my spirit agrees..thanks so very plenty..

@ rayo.
lol, are you done with your exams..? lemme just answer you. he said it with his mouth o and the words came out ..then he wrote something on soon as i left him, i switched off the fone i innocently gave whats gonna happen to boyfi? i mite agree to take his place if boyfi decides he doesn't want to know how to cook all is did you remove that preety face..?

@ the life of a stranger called me.
yeah , thanks so much, nothin works well without him..really appreciate your comment

@ rita.
seriously, it was the work of me hands o..amen amen and amen.i'll get the job, and i think keeping in touch is a very good idea..thanks

@ diamond hawk.
so you also like ata
i think the more appropriate question is what are the things i cant cook..? (smiling)

you are very welcome

@ kafo.
you were not far off the mark o..the way u said it, anyone would known you were in one..but i think its a matter of who you are in it with ,rather than the ldr itself.,.not decided about this one sha..have you lived in lagos before..actually i dont like it there..will be tuned to His channel, got no choice..
thanks so much kafo..hugz

Mz. Dee said...

24!! not bad oooo!!

U can like to come to Port-Harcourt 4 me...first time here... me thinkz i've found my latest crush.. hehe

simeoneomobaba said...

babe, me glad you likes it your rantings too..if one of these oye (oil) companies hail me, i'll definetly storm port...(smiling)

LG said...

bros i 'm baccccccc o,
yess i go village n i bring ibo garri come, u go chop???? lollll
thanx for checking up on me

LG said...

ehen' i don clap 4 u finish,
sooooo wetin u go give me???

simeoneomobaba said...

welcome igwe and lolo ..
send me ur addy so i can DHL this plate and its contents to

TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...

toasted by a guy. i mean how Sodom and Gomorah like.

ibiluv said...

u sabi cook
ok good
what are ur rates???

simeoneomobaba said...

@ ty.
as they say, no new thing under the sun...thanks 4 coming

thanks for the rates ,lets start with 20,000 kobo per spoon/fork..(smiles)

Femi B said...

lol @ the guy trying to toast you. Take it as you are that fine that you are attracted to both sexes. I've been hit on my 2 females was a Mexican woman with no front teeth..thats all i would say.
Goodluck with your job search

simeoneomobaba said...

yeah..i'm good looking but dont know bout being attractive to men.
i guess the teethless mexican has given up hope of being approached by any guy...
thank you so much..

rayo said...

i wntd to write SOB as per abbreviatin d words that form ur name but then i thot beta of it. that pix, i jst wntd a change plus d one dir is stil me. if u give boyfi lessons, mayb i'll eep him sha, if not, i shall defect (god bless me if he reads this. ever!

simeoneomobaba said...

never thot of the sob thing myself..god bless you real good..i can imagine..but he can still read it sometym in future...if i make iit to ur wedding i'll print this and put it in the gift..he'll be too happy to say

Anonymous said...

Long distance relationships aren't fun at all, so glad you realize that now before you start something with "babe" at church.

Oh to be 24 again...

Buttercup said...

ok, the beginnin of this post was as random as it can get..liked it tho..

lol @ u being toasted by a guy..that cudnt have been funny..i got hit on by a girl a few weeks ago, damn, i was scared oo..

that food looks yummy!

i hate choppin onions, gosh..its sad that they r a necessity in food..

AlooFar said...

I'm reading this post with a serious pang of hunger in my stomach.

U wanna help? ;)

Afronuts said...

Welcome to Simeon's kitchen!!

Nice looking meal. what's it made up of? Ndomie noodles, green peas, onions...?

making my mouth water already!

bros update oh!

simeoneomobaba said...

@ jewels..
thanks so much..i prayed about and my decision became clearer.

@ buttercup..
thanks, it wasn;t funny at all o..really weird somthing..
i actually wish i could do without the onions in my meals..thanks for coming..

@ aloofar.. pangs of hunger she..? let me have ur addy , maybe DHL can do a quick one..before ..

@ got all the components right , you yourself must be a "cooker",,thanks alot..