Thursday, 28 August 2008

big laminated picture

Now I’m wishing I declined when you asked for the key to…..
I’m imagining how I would have picked up the name of “not so nice guy”
I’m wondering how you could handle what is not your’s in a manner that suggests
you can afford to distribute it to ten different fellows at the same time..
I’m living in the aftermath of your blatant recklessness and all you can do is appeal, plead and …..
You say you are trying to work something out and you have taken as long as it takes the Olympics to begin and end …still you are working something out..
Now you make me look like a sorry pitiful case to all who care around moi and all over the globe on blogville…now you make me cab around the abj city with ten times what it would cost me normally..even though it feels like a good experience having someone drive me around..
I decide though, to look at the big picture in trying not to be irrational, for fellows wont hesitate to say … “he back-flipped and side-stepped just because a fellow crashed his ride”
Hard as I try though, this big picture has got me going in circles…..It takes me through the lessons of the yet un-ended episode, and then my spirit tells me’s a trial of faith, then I hear kafo say I should leave it all in God’s hands and all I want is for this night to be over , yeah ..sometimes life ain’t so good but all I wanna know is when will my morning come?
This whole episode with all the other hip-hop surrounding it have taken from me and added to me, what it has not succeeded in doing is to change in whom I believe.( 1john 5:4-5) and what I believe (Psalm 3:3).I believe I'll have many more cars in my doubt

Now I’m singing….”you can take ma joy devil, makes me clap my hands , maakes me wanna dance and...stomp, ma broda can’t you see I’ve got the victory…stomp..

He never said we won't go thru stuff...he said we should remember that He is with us....and if his eyes can be on the sparrow..why on jupiter will his eyes not be on you.? see the big picture..

Friday, 15 August 2008


I heard some absolute nonsense that day..I’m my crib…midafternoon ..knock on the door. Then there’s this guy.. “we are from health, we are conducting free medical cheq-up..” I’m my head I’m lykwow , Nigeria is getting better o”.. then the guy says its only 4 adults..I say o.k..I don’t have another adult inside. Then he brings out the blood pressure thingee..and straps on my hand..I can remember one of the figures…but I’m not saying.. Then he puts a digital thermometer in the fold corresponding to my elbow..u get it she.?
Then he brings it out…I can also remember the figure” then he says “your system is low”..hehehe…”in my head I was startled. And immediately went thru the list of all the doctors I know( friends and family).then he says "you have infection"..I’m lyk OMG, at this point I ask to see his I D,he brings out one very fake looking laminated white paper which has no address on it “if found pls return to the nearest police station” …then he busts his own bubble and says.. “do you play safe?” then I’m bold, if na dat one “I don’t even play at all”, then he says “it must be public toilet then” ..and I have not had any cause to use that either.he says the stuff leads to some other things and bla bla bla rubbish…(now I‘m smiling in my head and on my face) .then I ask what the cure for His infection is then he opens his bag and brings out one yellow and blue carton which had a bottle inside..then I ask him what the price is and He says.."3500" . .then I say I have no money on me ,"where is your office", and he says Edo state and some other gibberish ...I ask can't I get it from somewhere else, He says No, it's a herbal rubbish, so when he realized he wont be making any money from this brova..he says I should stay off sugar when I actually take honey .I could not help laughing.. How can u check my temperature and tell me “ your system is low” I laughed and laughed but the I still had to speak Gods word , recalling every scripture I knew had to do with health an rattle same tongues .All through my meditation I still could not help but laugh at how lack of knowledge would have made someone else believe and confess that he truly has “infection”. I should still talk to one of the doctors I know sha..( if you were the one would you still go for a medical exam ?)
Thank God I know my identity ( 1 pet 2:9 )

Saturday, 9 August 2008

some-one to talk to

hi people....the weather is beautiful here in the abj city and that's about all really.

I'm not about to lose my mind, but i think i need someone to talk to, its only with the help of technology that i have a little hope of getting someone to chat to 'cos anyone i can trust is no where near right now.(CAN U SHARE UR THOTS WITH SOMEONE U MET ON BLOGGER AND HAVE NEVA SEEN B4.?)..I'm grateful to God for everyone in and around my life, and I'm grateful to Him for the grace he has lavished on me so that even tho i don't eventually vent my issues to someone ..i know I can handle everything, with God of course.

i must say the opening ceremony of the Olympic games yesterday was absolutely fantastic...

finished my ted dekker thunder of heaven yesterday..quite a novel, i love the guy sha..he gets my pulse racing everytime i read his novels..

be gud and keep ur head up..

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

a bit of the heat

been a while, been busy and the inspiration to write has just not been there, been going thru some stuff that have not been sooo pleasant but I still manage not to lose my sleep cos I know the lover of my soul has got ma back any day any time, he doesn't doze and he doesn't snore, baba, you too much, i think there's that point in life when we all feel the heat a bit, and sometimes its not just a bit...but it at those times that we recall the things god has told us in the dark, the things he said to you when there wasn't as much noise in your soul, thats like the harvest time and if you actually didn't plant anything then all you can harvest is weed...and trust me weed is bad, bad , bad for any guy, chic, brother, sista i'll say while you can, stock up on the investment can be bigger that that, for it was by the WORD that the world was framed, and when it comes down to my/your individual world, it's still the WORD that we can use to form it, cos any other formation outside WORD will allow that bloody bastard likened to a lion seeking whom to roast for dinner to score enough goals in your life, lets walk by Gods word , lets not try and dribble God by playing smart cos when we dribble God we only end up scoring ourselves and tell me what sort of smartness that is, its the smartness that seemeth right to a bloke/chic.. but the end...doesnt look/feel/sound like destruction but is destruction.....and God does not want that destruction for anyone of use that why he sent his Son, not like God was bored and just wanted some drama...cos he knew his son cant die, he did it cos He is Love, so when ever the heat around your life comes alive just hold your peace and stand on the WORD, the one you have put in your heart.....peace