Wednesday, 16 July 2008

funny tales

What have you been upto..? Guess I have to tell you what I have been cooking up before asking what you have been upto, well well, I have been working on becoming a better meeeeeeee..truth is nobody can realistically say, “mhen, I’m done working on my self and there’s nothing to be added”, so what have you been upto?
Quickly, three funny stories, alpha.Imagine this new Guinness World Record setting drama, Friday July 11th for the longest game of Chinese Whispers (this is a game where a message is passed from the first person to the last by one on one communication) involving 1,330 children and celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment. Staged at Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium, by the way the record breaking children raised more than £100,000 for charity and the whole thing lasted for 2 hours and 4 minutes.
The guys from the Guinness World Records were around, the children formed a huge circular formation seated in Emirates Stadium’s lower East Stand, and the Chinese Whisper started with the message ‘Together we will make a world of difference’ highlighting to the children that by working together they can help others lead happier, healthier lives.
The message was communicated in a variety of ways. Most of the children whispered the message but those unable to use speech as their main form of communication, used a language programme called Makaton. This is a language involving signs and symbols designed for those with a variety of communication and learning difficulties.
After the message had passed 200 children it had changed to ‘We’re breaking a record’ and after 500 children it was recorded as ‘Everyone is evil’. By the time the message reached the last child, it had changed dramatically and was read out as simply; ‘Haaaaa’.
beta. recently , someone I know was involved in one of those mind bogling, within the abj city car crashes, he was driving a car that’s quite expensive and the car that hit his was a cab…, and so it happened that the cab guy hit my guy right in front of his car and the damage was heavy, not like the cab was not damaged too but who cares..? So immediately the cab guy saw the work of his hands he just got out of his car and went in front of my guy to prostrate and said “e pami” which means “kill me” in Yoruba.
When I heard the story I couldn’t help laughing my sucks off ..and what tickled me the more was trying to imagine the fact that the cab guy thought and concluded that there’s no way he or anybody in his family could possibly pay for the repair of the car..I mean how can you just come and lay down and say someone should kill you? gamma. there’s this guy I kinda know from church and this gist is about him., he is one guy that kinda lives by bread alone k,… they had to be in church for a lot of hours before midweek service to get somethings arranged and so he did not get to eat ..and for hours, almost the whole day, he eat nothing..and so after church he and someone else hailed a cab to take them home, on their way, they encountered a police check-point, with little or no drama they left the check-point and got home, and when they got home he told his pal who is my pal..”do you know when the police stopped us I wanted to hiss but could not even muster the energy needed to move my lips” ..this must be life-threatening hunger.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

marketing zoe (life),,,

I do really feel like writing right now..its some minutes to midnight and I’ve just been confessing scriptures and doing every other thing that comes with it..if you can imagine..pause ..( I hear an imaginary knock on the door)...and that’s what it is..imaginary…so I’ll get this very moment I’m into myself and focused on God. Not the best of my moods, but I’m sure I’m not making the host of heaven uncomfortable…
There’s a little issue with me when I’m in the mood to write. I keep talking about almost everything that comes to me….let me say here that this is my second go at this blogging thingy. I took down the first one and I’m doing this all over again..It reminds me of my trips to the boutiques’ , I almost never like everything I see and when I eventually buy something I’m still not sure I made the right decision….lets leave that aside, I feel like talking about decisions. that’s one word that’s not a lightweight, for me sha o.don’t know about you.from the small ones to the really big ones..thank God for the holy spirit. I’ll give you this 3 true life gists quickly..alpha: A man of God, who had given up cultism and was now reborn was full of fire for God and on this day met one of his former converts(he led the guy into cultism), and he was trying really hard to convert the guy once again..imagine that..and under the hot Nigerian middle-belt sun, talked and talked , said all he knew how to say to make the guy come to Christ, and after talking about 3 hours his ex-convert just told him..”all this thing na story jo”..imagine that, the preacher was so pained that tears started trickling down his cheeks, when the lost guy saw this, he was shocked and said, "Is it that serious ?", the preacher answered in the affirmative and the lost guy saw just said o.k…"pray for me, i agree".
beta:A guy ,just had a life changing encounter, and was really bubbling with passion as he headed for his hostel, as soon as he got to his room, he told his friend in no gentle/polite manner “you must give your life to Christ” his friend was so surprised by the amount of energy that came with it and said aha, is it by force,now their tones were rising, he said yes ,na by force? , leave me jo, came his reply, and the fella on fire told him again “you must give your life to christ” this time the alter call was accompanied with a serious punch, so he said , o.k and knelt down, "pray for me". gamma: A backslidden brova went out to drink, you know, sum..n, sum..n, but along the line , he saw some of the folks who had preached to him earlier, they spoke to him again,and became really repentant, then he got home , called his younger brova, oya, you must give your life to Christ, the guy was looking at his elder brova like someone that was acting drama, then the repentant drunk got angry and gave his younger brova some knocks ,then the brova said okay, here I am Lord.
Let me tell you all these stories actually happened, i might have missed some little details o and even though their actions seem over the edge(thier marketing strategy), it was these guyz passion that drove them to do all they did to bring their loved ones into the fold, the company of innumerable angels that money can never buy, oooohhhh, how blessed I am to be part of this family. If your name is not in the book of life, please receive the life of christ today o, ‘cos there’s no known deadline, which makes it more dangerful…na so....peace n luv