Tuesday, 16 December 2008

lie detecting skillz

okay okay..so the one and only madam alotedbabe tagged me and said i should state 1 lie and 2 truths...and i have been having a hard time trying to cook-up something really hard....well i belive you guys know how it works..so here you go..

1. my girlfriend told me last week that i'm too nice and that i can actually cut off my head for someone

2. i have been on a train only once in my life.

3. i have never kissed a girl in my life..(not like i hav kissed a guy o..)

oh yes ..lemme hear your thoughts on this..this feels crazy 'cos i'm happy with the work of my hands right here..so get cracking, i'm tagging the first five people to comment..

and i'm thinking of giving you a call if u get it...like i'm one obama right..? u never know..

* * * there is a God o..thats what sums up my whole 2008, please read the previous post if you have not and dont fail to acknowledge him..

Monday, 1 December 2008

there is a God

93 million miles from the blistering surface of the sun hangs the planet earth.A rotating sphere perfectly suspended in the center of the universe. The ultimate creation from an infinite mind. An unbelievably intricate complex design. A supernatural testimony, an irrefutable sign that there is a God.

The size, position and angle of the earth is a scientific phenomenon to see. A few degrees closer to the sun we'd disintegrate, a few degrees further, we'd freeze. The axis of the earth is titled at a perfect 23 degree angle and it's no mistake that it is.This allows equal global distribution to the rays of the sun making it possible for the food chain to exist.

Or take for example the combination of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere we breathe every day. It just happens to be the exact mix that life needs to prosper; it doesn't happen on any other planet that way.

You see, the Bible says the invisible things of God are seen through His creation, to believe this is not hard. If there's a design, there's a designer, if there's a plan, there's a planner and if there's a miracle, there is a God.

The Scripture says the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands. If we allow our minds to drink in all the truth that surrounds the truth that just surrounds us, creation itself with help us understand.

Did you know the moon controls the tides; it's the maid that cleans the oceans. Even the waves don't crash the shores in vain. The tides drag impurities from the depths of the sea; it's nature's constant recycling chain.

It simply boggles the mind to think that the stars will rotate with such exact precision that it's true. That the atomic clock with an error factor of less than three seconds per millennium is set by the way we move.Though they silently orbit, the sun, the moon, the stars are like celestial evangelists above who circle the earth every 24 hours shouting in every language that there is a God.

For its God who created heaven and earth and flung the stars in space and breathed in the handful of dirt and it became a man. It's God who sits on the circle of the earth and measures the mountains in a scale, and holds the seven seas in the palm of His hand. It's God who sent His only begotten Son to the cross of Calvary to save our souls from Hell and the grave. It's God who creates, God who delivers, God who heals and God who is worthy of a thunderous ovation of praise.

In the stillness of my soul, i try hard..to fathom all about Him and all of Him , but i just cant...guess that's part of why He is God

There is a hope, there is a light

There is an answer to all answers

There is a flame that burns in the night

And I know, I know, I know there is a God...belive that..!

** contains a bulk of carman's lyrics*

Saturday, 15 November 2008

better kitchen...better me..

Lets face it…we all know thos lil things in the dark corners of our lives that we have not found it easy to do away with...and it doesn’t stop there..we know that if we deal with those behaviors or that particular one we will become better as individuals…for instance..not so long ago,

I started to get really irritated with a messy kitchen sink..I’m usually too lazy to do the lil dishes I use at night…I maybe tired but bottom-line its ma laziness that makes me leave it till the next day..Morning afternoon or evening….ah, I can be untidy….but when the holy-spirit brought this to my attention, I knew okay…. I had to deal with it..look at this..”if you are filled with light with no dark corners, then your whole life radiant as though a floodlight is shining in you” that’s what luke 11:36 says
Keeping the sink clean can seem like an unsignificant part of my life and there are so many other things that we can see as inconsequential when it comes to our “outside image”..people can see you outside and think..hey, he seems really nice or she'z not the fussy type..…those things are cool , great..but I have come to discover that as humans..we have the room to always improve ourselves….if you look back at that verse ..that point where it says “with no dark corners” really got to me…
Dealing with the dark corners is quite easy if you put your mind to it..like I said the kitchen sink thing made me really uncomfortable….and so I just made sure I took care of the place before going to bed, if I didn’t decide to address the issue, I’ll still look good , I’ll still be happy..my faculty would still function normally my relationship with people might not be affected especially when they don’t live with me, my bank balance would not be affected in any way..But I’ll know...that peace and joy that I’m supposed to have inside isn’t complete, just because of dis-obedience…
So guys..let’s look inwards and check all the corners of our lives, it might be a bad habit like not saying “thank-you” I tell you , there are people like that or maybe its something to do with lateness…everybody knows what that dark corner is..here and there..but if you are the person satisfied with part of your life being radiant..and the other part kinda murky..then..it’s up to you….

What I’m just trying to say..what is that one thing that you know…if u stopped or started doing, would make you a better person, maybe not for anybody, but for you and your maker….think !..

Thursday, 30 October 2008

speechy 2 + random

Somebori loves my blog…thanks so much aloted babe for the love…. To everyone, thanks for the love..for reading and commenting, for reading and not commenting and for coming and not reading… Thank you so so so bery much …now I’m supposed to pass it on to otherz…and this is not an exhaustive list…i could easily double this number of bloggers i'm passing this to….all I’ve got for my blogfam is love, love and mush luv…

1 reverence
2 reached the top & reckons maybe
3 living
4 dee
5 30+
6 kafo

7 reminator
8 jaycee and 9 believer

These are the rules that come and go with the award o..and u might notice I didn’t exactly follow it..just take me the way I am o..i’m trying to do things differently these day..what a reason to give ehn..?

1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

A teacher in Elmira, New York, who is a McCain supporter, asked her 4th grade class, "How many of you are McCain fans?"Not really knowing what a McCain fan is, but wanting to be liked by The teacher, all the kids raised their hands, except for little Johnny.
The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be Different.Little Johnny said, "Because I'm not a McCain fan."The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a McCain fan?"Johnny said,
"Because I'm a Democrat." The teacher asked him why he's a Democrat. Little Johnny answered,
"Well, my Mom's a Democrat and my Dad's a Democrat, so I'm a Democrat." Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked,
"If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot what would that make you?" With a big smile, Little Johnny replied,
"That would make me a McCain fan".

yeee..i can't take that...

so what have i been upto..the usual stuff basically and the little lessons i need to as i go into the future..my normal me is an over nice person..and i have gotten a good dose of people to take me for granted, so i'm dropping the "over" , i think the "nice" alone would be good enough..hehe..and i have been lazier than i want to be..i'm getting better sha..
i practically live in two worlds now..and i fear for meself..if anything ever happens to my internet or laptop..oloun maje !...
I'm supposed to travel to an airport-less town and i'm dreading it like i'm being forced into a marriage with a nasty girl...cos the roads are bad raised to the power of 10.5...heeeelllllllp !

have u heard , mr presido has dropped 20 ministers, basically for below par performance, then he gave them a letter of comendation again to safe gaurd their careers one way or the other..
if you ask me, i think its just a way of making sure the cake goes round.dis na naija...

so, pipo..lemme shut up.hugz and kisses .longlive federal republic of blogville

Friday, 10 October 2008

what shall i title this..?

Sometimes I really ponder on the life of that joseph guy…not the figure head father of Jesus o…the coat of many colours one …he offended no one and the kind of hospitality he got from life suggests differently, or was it his fault that he was the only one given a coat of many colours or was it his fault that he had such an appealing physique( Gen 39: 6) that madam potiphar couldn’t hold herself anymore….he went through a whole lot of drama that was really not his fault and what keeps me wondering is how he didn’t get angry with life, throw caution to the wind and damn all the consequences , something tells me he had a GPS device which told him he was still on the right track to his destination because he remained faithful

There’s this other dude too..david, he was told to go and rear sheep at a very young age, (that would be seen as child abuse in this modern times) he was so not loved /needed that when Samuel went to anoint the next King in his Fathers house,his father only remembered there was one more left when the priest said he had not seen the right guy( 1 sam 16: 11) ..The shepherd boy job is not a cakewalking one as there were wild animals that could easily have eaten all the sheep and reserved he himself for breakfast the next day..but he kept doing it..he didn’t run away or drown one of the sheep in anger…but He trusted God to see him through( psalm 23 )and he also did his best to remain faithful..

There are other stories of people who remained faithful through uneasy times in their lives...we only end up hearing and admiring their success stories, we need to look at how they handled the pressure…they had to deal with, and I’m so sure if these guys didn’t live with a deeper sense of purpose than most people do they would very easily have taken the easy way out.. Picture this-how interesting will it look when a footballer kicks the ball from his own end to the opposition goal post undisturbed and scores a goal, I don’t think he will even celebrate his goal..darrizz my point..what will be the point of graduation ceremonies if everybody just spent some years in school socializing and attending classes once in a while…most people don’t like exams but if we remove exams from the whole set-up, almost everybody won’t enjoy school again..The success stories we hear are actually so because someone had to deal with a situation that could equally have dealt with the person.. can I suggest to you at this point that God does not crown a man He did not make…selah

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


This is who we are , we are thieves and you know what , we’ve got brains too.(to twist things, not invent anything)
Our mission as we all know is to …you scalukiwi..tell me the whole horde what our mission is as stated in our book of were..(mad one)
Our mission is to go to every party joint every weekend and jollificate with them..
You are a moron…katanga..lock him up for 6000 were years..
Let us proceed , as we all know that it is written in our book of were that our mission is to visit…
you , kamakazee, were do we visit.? Erm..erm…we visit..suya spots and..sHut uP !
why are you guyz so embarrassingly unintelligent ? let’s see..my preety looking lanlubibi..
we go to poolsides…okay..okay..it’s clear now that you are all very dumb….
We visit the lives of God lovers and drop some unpleasant situations for them….we use such tactics like delaying their packages…but evil one..they will send angels to fight for them and release their blessings….shut-up ,did I tell you I did not know that.. you stay there and fight till you are destroyed or sent packing..again we’ll organize people to say nasty stuff to them in nice ways so that they begin to doubt if their maker is still on His throne…we’ll just make things really stormy around them….you get what I mean..yes evil dude..so can I have a suggestion..kamakazee,..erm..we’ll organize crazy co-workers and neighbors for them…I already said that you scaliwag...
o.k, so I hope you get the general idea..let me break it down for you..we have been branded as thieves that have come to steal, kill and destroy (john 10 : 10) , and these God-lovers are our only targets so we’ll try and steal their joy, kill their hopes and aspirations and destroy their good relationship with their God and with their folks. I think we can all see now that we do not need to give big attention to every individual …..ofcourse we know we will not always succeed ‘cos since that maga died on the freaking cross . He did everything to guarantee their victory..so we just try sha to make sure we throw every form of distraction and discouragement their way…because we don’t want them to have what they have, not that we want what they have- its useless to us. we just want them to get weary and not finish the race they have started.. ...

Saturday, 27 September 2008


not the speechy type so i'll just do somehing that looks like a speech Yes o…. I got an award for honest blogger…thanks so much believer for the love…. And I must say thanks to my blogfam for all the love .you guys really dont know how thankful i am.. Thank you so so so bery much and I will proceed to give the same award to the following bloggers listed below in no particular order.... may God continue to be your sun and shield as you go on in life..luv
here are the rules that come and go with the award;
1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back
2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
3. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with an award
4. Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).
5. And then pass it on!
once again, thank you and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Forget IT

Here is a challenge to Israel (do well to insert your name) .It is also a challenge to the church. For if God kept His covenant with them, He will keep His covenant with us.
The believer has covenant rights in prayer as well as other covenant rights.
Yet it seems there is one outstanding problem that defeats believers in their prayer life. When we come to God, we have a feeling of inferiority, a sense of sin-consciousness; because we know we have failed. We have a guilt complex.
Some begin their prayers with, “I’m so weak and unworthy,” and then harp on their weaknesses and unworthiness throughout the prayer. Picture this, you are in this relationship, you did something wrong to your spouse and then apologize, then he/she says it’s okay, forget it...How do you think he/she will feel if you keep sending text messages and apologizing every time you meet? We all know that is another trouble.
And when they come into the presence of God telling Him that, they talk themselves out of faith and into condemnation. They don’t know whether God hears them or not. All they do is beg for crumbs. (when I nor be house-boy)…..
But look at what God said: “I, yes, I alone am he that blots out your sins for my own sake, and will never think of them again” (Isa 43: 25).
Why did He say He would blot out our transgressions? For His own sake –'cos He couldn’t have blessed us without it and still can't
When we know that he blotted out our sin, that He even remember that we did anything wrong, we can come to Him with confidence. We can come with faith. We lose sin-consciousness and replace it with son-consciousness.
We don’t have to sit on a curbstone out in-front of our mansion, begging for favors. We can come in boldly through the front door and enter the throne room to fellowship with God.
We are sons and daughters of God. Don’t you get it..? We are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. We are covenant people. We have a legal right – a gospel right, a son right, a family right - to enter the throne room.
When Jesus went into the presence of the father, He didn’t go in with just His head, leaving His little finger outside saying, “Oh, I’m embarrassed.” No!
We are the Body of Christ. That means the Body can go into the presence of God the father with the same confidence and assurance that the Head can. Boldly!

"some parts are from "the art of prayer" by kenneth hagin

Thursday, 4 September 2008

now you know....

Sitting here , wondering and smiling at the little things here and there that make up this entity called me..
Why don’t I keep in touch with 90% of the people I meet..as soon as I change geographic location…
I’m wondering why the hair on my cheeks grows every 12 hours…..cool with it tho...

I want to appreciate everyone on blogville for the love as well as their comments…my people, y’all know yourselves..right..?
Sometimes things happen and I want to get angry and give the offending party what they deserve..and I cant do as I please..i know too much ,I have passed the stage of “do me I do you” it pains me sometimes o..but it just a matter of minutes before I forget the whole drama…

I gotta say this, during my service year, I was toasted by a guy…yeah u read me right ..GUY..i knew there were gay people quite alright but that experience took me to another level of the reality..its a long story the way the thing happened but I was ..shocked is an understatement… …out of my normal nice self even tried to visit him..but God ordered my steps to the wrong room and consequently the wrong bunk and bed and I even left a note for the wrong person, then it was the morning after he made his intentions known. I was telling everybody I could..and of course I got diverse recommendations on how to deal with the situation...I don’t feel like talking about it now…he sha got to know he was is a wrong address by the end of that day…..

So I’m wondering what sort of i-thot-you-were-seventy remarks I’m going to be getting from bloggers when I say I’m 24 years old and my birthday was and is always sometime in June..so there you go..daz my age..

See me see myself,..i am still waiting to get a Job o..just because I don’t wanna work/live in the organized bedlam called Lagos ..I know my heavenly father wont abandon me..he knows what I want..see spoilt child( y’all should know that I’m not idle sha )

There’s this babe in church o..would like to build something with her but she’z going to another mans land for masters degree, and I don’t think I want any long distance hulla ballu…lollllllll and I sld embark on dat same trip but not until this time next year.. . So we just talk and thats where it stops…father take control….abi.

So each time I wanna make stew and all the kitchen stress I get tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks , the onions don’t treat me nicely at all..and then the “ata rodo” makes me cough like I’m gonna puke…anyhow I just wanted you guyz to know say I sabi cook..(laughs)…and if you taste ma food your life will never remain thesame
(za work of mi hands)
..lol…btw I just learnt how to make egusi not long ago..( lg clap 4 me )..
Let me shut-up now, this is getting too long… I feel like I poured out my heart…. y’all be good to all around you and then yourself..peace

Thursday, 28 August 2008

big laminated picture

Now I’m wishing I declined when you asked for the key to…..
I’m imagining how I would have picked up the name of “not so nice guy”
I’m wondering how you could handle what is not your’s in a manner that suggests
you can afford to distribute it to ten different fellows at the same time..
I’m living in the aftermath of your blatant recklessness and all you can do is appeal, plead and …..
You say you are trying to work something out and you have taken as long as it takes the Olympics to begin and end …still you are working something out..
Now you make me look like a sorry pitiful case to all who care around moi and all over the globe on blogville…now you make me cab around the abj city with ten times what it would cost me normally..even though it feels like a good experience having someone drive me around..
I decide though, to look at the big picture in trying not to be irrational, for fellows wont hesitate to say … “he back-flipped and side-stepped just because a fellow crashed his ride”
Hard as I try though, this big picture has got me going in circles…..It takes me through the lessons of the yet un-ended episode, and then my spirit tells me ..it’s a trial of faith, then I hear kafo say I should leave it all in God’s hands and all I want is for this night to be over , yeah ..sometimes life ain’t so good but all I wanna know is when will my morning come?
This whole episode with all the other hip-hop surrounding it have taken from me and added to me, what it has not succeeded in doing is to change in whom I believe.( 1john 5:4-5) and what I believe (Psalm 3:3).I believe I'll have many more cars in my life-time...no doubt

Now I’m singing….”you can take ma joy devil, makes me clap my hands , maakes me wanna dance and...stomp, ma broda can’t you see I’ve got the victory…stomp..

He never said we won't go thru stuff...he said we should remember that He is with us....and if his eyes can be on the sparrow..why on jupiter will his eyes not be on you.? see the big picture..

Friday, 15 August 2008


I heard some absolute nonsense that day..I’m my crib…midafternoon ..knock on the door. Then there’s this guy.. “we are from health, we are conducting free medical cheq-up..” I’m my head I’m lykwow , Nigeria is getting better o”.. then the guy says its only 4 adults..I say o.k..I don’t have another adult inside. Then he brings out the blood pressure thingee..and straps on my hand..I can remember one of the figures…but I’m not saying.. Then he puts a digital thermometer in the fold corresponding to my elbow..u get it she.?
Then he brings it out…I can also remember the figure” then he says “your system is low”..hehehe…”in my head I was startled. And immediately went thru the list of all the doctors I know( friends and family).then he says "you have infection"..I’m lyk OMG, at this point I ask to see his I D,he brings out one very fake looking laminated white paper which has no address on it “if found pls return to the nearest police station” …then he busts his own bubble and says.. “do you play safe?” then I’m bold, if na dat one “I don’t even play at all”, then he says “it must be public toilet then” ..and I have not had any cause to use that either.he says the stuff leads to some other things and bla bla bla rubbish…(now I‘m smiling in my head and on my face) .then I ask what the cure for His infection is then he opens his bag and brings out one yellow and blue carton which had a bottle inside..then I ask him what the price is and He says.."3500" . .then I say I have no money on me ,"where is your office", and he says Edo state and some other gibberish ...I ask can't I get it from somewhere else, He says No, it's a herbal rubbish, so when he realized he wont be making any money from this brova..he says I should stay off sugar when I actually take honey .I could not help laughing.. How can u check my temperature and tell me “ your system is low” I laughed and laughed but the I still had to speak Gods word , recalling every scripture I knew had to do with health an rattle same tongues .All through my meditation I still could not help but laugh at how lack of knowledge would have made someone else believe and confess that he truly has “infection”. I should still talk to one of the doctors I know sha..( if you were the one would you still go for a medical exam ?)
Thank God I know my identity ( 1 pet 2:9 )

Saturday, 9 August 2008

some-one to talk to

hi people....the weather is beautiful here in the abj city and that's about all really.

I'm not about to lose my mind, but i think i need someone to talk to, its only with the help of technology that i have a little hope of getting someone to chat to 'cos anyone i can trust is no where near right now.(CAN U SHARE UR THOTS WITH SOMEONE U MET ON BLOGGER AND HAVE NEVA SEEN B4.?)..I'm grateful to God for everyone in and around my life, and I'm grateful to Him for the grace he has lavished on me so that even tho i don't eventually vent my issues to someone ..i know I can handle everything, with God of course.

i must say the opening ceremony of the Olympic games yesterday was absolutely fantastic...

finished my ted dekker thunder of heaven yesterday..quite a novel, i love the guy sha..he gets my pulse racing everytime i read his novels..

be gud and keep ur head up..

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

a bit of the heat

been a while, been busy and the inspiration to write has just not been there, been going thru some stuff that have not been sooo pleasant but I still manage not to lose my sleep cos I know the lover of my soul has got ma back any day any time, he doesn't doze and he doesn't snore, baba, you too much, i think there's that point in life when we all feel the heat a bit, and sometimes its not just a bit...but it at those times that we recall the things god has told us in the dark, the things he said to you when there wasn't as much noise in your soul, thats like the harvest time and if you actually didn't plant anything then all you can harvest is weed...and trust me weed is bad, bad , bad for any guy, chic, brother, sista ....so i'll say while you can, stock up on the WORD...no investment can be bigger that that, for it was by the WORD that the world was framed, and when it comes down to my/your individual world, it's still the WORD that we can use to form it, cos any other formation outside WORD will allow that bloody bastard likened to a lion seeking whom to roast for dinner to score enough goals in your life, lets walk by Gods word , lets not try and dribble God by playing smart cos when we dribble God we only end up scoring ourselves and tell me what sort of smartness that is, its the smartness that seemeth right to a bloke/chic.. but the end...doesnt look/feel/sound like destruction but is destruction.....and God does not want that destruction for anyone of use that why he sent his Son, not like God was bored and just wanted some drama...cos he knew his son cant die, he did it cos He is Love, so when ever the heat around your life comes alive just hold your peace and stand on the WORD, the one you have put in your heart.....peace

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

funny tales

What have you been upto..? Guess I have to tell you what I have been cooking up before asking what you have been upto, well well, I have been working on becoming a better meeeeeeee..truth is nobody can realistically say, “mhen, I’m done working on my self and there’s nothing to be added”, so what have you been upto?
Quickly, three funny stories, alpha.Imagine this new Guinness World Record setting drama, Friday July 11th for the longest game of Chinese Whispers (this is a game where a message is passed from the first person to the last by one on one communication) involving 1,330 children and celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment. Staged at Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium, by the way the record breaking children raised more than £100,000 for charity and the whole thing lasted for 2 hours and 4 minutes.
The guys from the Guinness World Records were around, the children formed a huge circular formation seated in Emirates Stadium’s lower East Stand, and the Chinese Whisper started with the message ‘Together we will make a world of difference’ highlighting to the children that by working together they can help others lead happier, healthier lives.
The message was communicated in a variety of ways. Most of the children whispered the message but those unable to use speech as their main form of communication, used a language programme called Makaton. This is a language involving signs and symbols designed for those with a variety of communication and learning difficulties.
After the message had passed 200 children it had changed to ‘We’re breaking a record’ and after 500 children it was recorded as ‘Everyone is evil’. By the time the message reached the last child, it had changed dramatically and was read out as simply; ‘Haaaaa’.
beta. recently , someone I know was involved in one of those mind bogling, within the abj city car crashes, he was driving a car that’s quite expensive and the car that hit his was a cab…, and so it happened that the cab guy hit my guy right in front of his car and the damage was heavy, not like the cab was not damaged too but who cares..? So immediately the cab guy saw the work of his hands he just got out of his car and went in front of my guy to prostrate and said “e pami” which means “kill me” in Yoruba.
When I heard the story I couldn’t help laughing my sucks off ..and what tickled me the more was trying to imagine the fact that the cab guy thought and concluded that there’s no way he or anybody in his family could possibly pay for the repair of the car..I mean how can you just come and lay down and say someone should kill you? gamma. there’s this guy I kinda know from church and this gist is about him., he is one guy that kinda lives by bread alone k,… they had to be in church for a lot of hours before midweek service to get somethings arranged and so he did not get to eat ..and for hours, almost the whole day, he eat nothing..and so after church he and someone else hailed a cab to take them home, on their way, they encountered a police check-point, with little or no drama they left the check-point and got home, and when they got home he told his pal who is my pal..”do you know when the police stopped us I wanted to hiss but could not even muster the energy needed to move my lips” ..this must be life-threatening hunger.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

marketing zoe (life),,,

I do really feel like writing right now..its some minutes to midnight and I’ve just been confessing scriptures and doing every other thing that comes with it..if you can imagine..pause ..( I hear an imaginary knock on the door)...and that’s what it is..imaginary…so I’ll get going..at this very moment I’m into myself and focused on God. Not the best of my moods, but I’m sure I’m not making the host of heaven uncomfortable…
There’s a little issue with me when I’m in the mood to write. I keep talking about almost everything that comes to me….let me say here that this is my second go at this blogging thingy. I took down the first one and I’m doing this all over again..It reminds me of my trips to the boutiques’ , I almost never like everything I see and when I eventually buy something I’m still not sure I made the right decision….lets leave that aside, I feel like talking about decisions. that’s one word that’s not a lightweight, for me sha o.don’t know about you.from the small ones to the really big ones..thank God for the holy spirit. I’ll give you this 3 true life gists quickly..alpha: A man of God, who had given up cultism and was now reborn was full of fire for God and on this day met one of his former converts(he led the guy into cultism), and he was trying really hard to convert the guy once again..imagine that..and under the hot Nigerian middle-belt sun, talked and talked , said all he knew how to say to make the guy come to Christ, and after talking about 3 hours his ex-convert just told him..”all this thing na story jo”..imagine that, the preacher was so pained that tears started trickling down his cheeks, when the lost guy saw this, he was shocked and said, "Is it that serious ?", the preacher answered in the affirmative and the lost guy saw just said o.k…"pray for me, i agree".
beta:A guy ,just had a life changing encounter, and was really bubbling with passion as he headed for his hostel, as soon as he got to his room, he told his friend in no gentle/polite manner “you must give your life to Christ” his friend was so surprised by the amount of energy that came with it and said aha, is it by force,now their tones were rising, he said yes ,na by force? , leave me jo, came his reply, and the fella on fire told him again “you must give your life to christ” this time the alter call was accompanied with a serious punch, so he said , o.k and knelt down, "pray for me". gamma: A backslidden brova went out to drink, you know, sum..n, sum..n, but along the line , he saw some of the folks who had preached to him earlier, they spoke to him again,and became really repentant, then he got home , called his younger brova, oya, you must give your life to Christ, the guy was looking at his elder brova like someone that was acting drama, then the repentant drunk got angry and gave his younger brova some knocks ,then the brova said okay, here I am Lord.
Let me tell you all these stories actually happened, i might have missed some little details o and even though their actions seem over the edge(thier marketing strategy), it was these guyz passion that drove them to do all they did to bring their loved ones into the fold, the company of innumerable angels that money can never buy, oooohhhh, how blessed I am to be part of this family. If your name is not in the book of life, please receive the life of christ today o, ‘cos there’s no known deadline, which makes it more dangerful…na so....peace n luv